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Jan 8, 2009 07:36 AM

Changes at Bicycle

A few days ago, I noticed that Bicycle was gone off of Open Table. I went to their web site and discovered that they closed for a week for renovations, and are reopening today with a new "recession proof" menu. The web site currently has no more info, just that they will have entrees and wine under $20. I really liked the old menu, but it was a bit on the high end for a casual place, and I had noticed that it was quite quiet the last couple of times I'd been there.

I'm dying to know what's on the new menu, and what, if anything, will be kept from the old one (will I never have their tuna tartare again? that would be tragic!). I wonder if they will be staying off Open Table and becoming a walk in place, or if they'll be back once they've settled into the new menu? Does anyone have any knowledge of what we can expect from the new Bicycle? If anyone gets a chance to stop by and check out the changes to the space and the menu, I'd love to know about it!

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  1. I was looking for an idea for Valentine's Day. Check the website again. the menu is on there now.

    Has anyone eaten here since they changed owners? I've heard a few things on here that it isn't as good... just wondering if anyone's tried it...

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    1. re: tapas gal

      Changed owners when? Last time I heard of Bicycle changing owners was several years ago. Has it happened more recently? I just checked the website and the picture of the chef is the same guy who has been there for quite some time, so that's the same at least.

      1. re: charmedgirl

        I may have assumed something incorrect. I read on here that it was under new management (this was a Jan. 2009 post). And on the website it mentions something about "old owners"... I guess I put 2+2 together and got an incorrect assumption!

        So is it still a good place to check out? I've actually not been there yet...

        1. re: tapas gal

          I haven't been in the few days that the new menu has been up, but I went the first weekend in January and it was quite good.

        2. re: charmedgirl

          Pretty positive the restaurant has changed hands in the past year, as well as many upper level management changes. Im a bit biased so I wont say anything more than that.

          1. re: Turkeybone

            Nicholas Batey bought the restaurant back in 2006, but I was never there before his time, so I'm not sure of the changes he made. The new menu looks like it's the same style as before, but maybe a bit more casual and definitely a bit cheaper (entrees in the $18-22 range, I think they were $26-32 before). They do still have the tuna tartare, and they're back on Open Table, so I think this is really a minor change, rather than a reinvention of the restaurant. I hope they're able to weather the economy, I enjoy Bicycle.

            1. re: notmandatory

              It has never been the same sincde the Bateys took over. We used to go 2-3 times a month and tried it with the new owner and it just is not the same. Service is not up to par with the old bicycle

              1. re: sas

                that wines-by-the-glass list is ghastly. Nothing but big liquor wholesale "brand priorities" with just a couple of exceptions.

                by-the-bottle list is a bit better, but is missing much of the eclecticism it used to possess. But then, that may simply reflect the tastes of the clientele.

      2. The original comment has been removed