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Any new restaurants in Orlando???

Just checking to see if I've missed any new openings in Orlando? Or at least anything I may have missed over the past 3-4 months.

Hoping for SOMETHING new in this town...

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  1. J alexanders is kind of new. They also opened up something right by it, but i can't remember the name. Rustic DT on church is somewhat new. There's the new 310 Park that is where Sam Snead's used to be.

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      Rustic has actually already closed its doors.

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        wow, that didn't take long. The restaurant i was referring to next to J Alexanders is Ocean Prime. It was just reviewed in the sentinel

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          I went to J Alexanders, Thought it was pretty good food at a decent value. Walked into Ocean Prime and it was gorgeous. Didn't eat there yet, but plan to, Was the review good?

    2. Ugh. I really try to defend Orlando when people say the culinary scene here sucks. But lately its getting harder and harder to do so giving the same old examples.

      Has anyone tried Funky Monkey Wine Bar yet? I hear things, but then look at their menu online and don't get excited about anything on it.

      1. I thought I saw Funky Monkey closed.

        Where are J Alexanders and Ocean Prime? I've actually eaten at J's years ago in Nashville.

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          Funky Monkey is booming and busy, usually booked up, Funky Monkey is just fine

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            Grin.... Yep, I'll confirm that Funky Monkey Wine Company is doing quite nicely.

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              they are just west of i4 off sand lake road

            2. Lago in Baldwin Park just opened. Seito Sushi on Sand Lake Road just opened their newest, most fab location yet. Vineyard Wine Company in Lake Mary/Sanford/Heathrow just opened a few months ago and the food is wonderful.

              So we've got that going for us, which is nice...

              1. I heard a place called Graphitti Junktion opened in Thorton park next to Dexters. Circa 1926 opened on Park ave, and some place called Cafe118 also opened on park ave. All this info courtesy of Scott Joseph's blog.

                1. Not that new (maybe a year or so), but Corkscrew Grill in Lake Mary has great food and a good atmosphere.

                  1. Vines Grille and Bar off Sandlake isn't new, but is now in a (larger) new location.


                    The Vineyard Wine Co in Lake Mary has been open for over a month, nice tapas. I had the tuna and that sauce with it is SPICY (in a great way!!




                    As mentioned, Ocean Prime just got a nice write up in the Sentinel a few weeks ago

                    Circa 1926 in Winter Park was reviewed by Scott Joseph on his blog, still nothing about their menu on their website. :(


                    Cafe118 degrees in Winter Park is gourmet raw food (aka living cuisine), their menu is on their website.


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                      Went to Lago on Baldwin Park last night. The restaurant is gorgeous but the food is very below par. We ordered calamari to start which was just okay. We ran into a problem with our entrees. The shrimp on my pasta dish as well as the shrimp wrapped in prosciutto atop my friend's Halibut were extremely off and tasted spoiled. When we mentioned it to our server she quickly informed the manager and the chef. The manager came out and was completely underwhelming with his apology and explanation. He assured us that we would not have any health issues from eating the shrimp (not very settling) and said that he had 'done a little something special with our bill'. We ordered two desserts which were also just okay. When our bill arrived, I was shocked to see an additional charge of $7 for the shrimp that were added to my pasta dish. The only adjustment to the bill was a round of drinks. I spoke to the manager and explained that this was unacceptable and he came back with the $7 off. I told him that I was still dissatisfied and was quite honestly surprised that we were charged at all for the entrees containing the spoiled shrimp. To that he responded impatiently, 'what do you want me to do?' At that point I was so frustrated that I just told him nothing and that I would pay the bill. I explained that I had hoped he would see an opportunity to prove that our dining experience was just an 'off-night' and give us a reason to come back and try again. He also doesn't realize how important positive word of mouth is for a new restaurant. It's a shame because the restaurant and location is beautiful...don't expect this restaurant to last long.

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                        Wow my wife and I had just the opposite happen to us at Lago Baldwin Park. We walked by this restaurant several times while they were under construction and we were happy to see that they have finally opened the doors. The restaurant is beautiful. The wood work is amazing and the colors are amazing. We sat at a table by the window and were able to enjoy watching the action of the open kitchen and the view of the lake. Our waiter was very knowledgable and knew the menu and wine list very well. My wife and I started with the stuffed meatball and i have to admit that i never had a meatball with peas in it, but it was so good. I ordered the snapper and enjoyed the flavors of the kalamata olives and arugula. It was topped off with Crab meat that was so delicious. My wife ordered the Tuna that was rubbed with expresso, we did not know how this would turn out but she ate every bite of it. The wine list was easy to read and a good mix of wines. We finished the night with a chocolate soup, I did not enjoy this as much as my wife, but I guess if you are a chocolate lover you will enjoy it. When we left, a young lady at the door asked us how we enjoyed everything and come to find out she was the owner. She had informed us that they have been open for a month and have not done any advertisement to let the staff get ready. We really enjoyed the night and I am sure that with time they will get better.

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                          I thought this restaurant was going to be amazing when it opened. it had an amazing view, a great chef, and an awesome location. the owners themselves are very selfish and feel like their business is going to fall in their hands. while people come in, its very rare that they return. the food is below sub-par, it is very bland and way over priced. the kitchen does not know their timing and the pizzas come up way before the rest of the entrees so the pizzas are cold by the time it hits the table. the owners make the servers ring in all 3 courses at once and the kitchen is going control the timing of your tables, half the time they lose your ticket and it takes way to long. they dont care about their guests or there employees. ive seen the manager only go up to the tables who appear to have money and when there is a problem with another table he cant seem to break himself away from the tables with the money. the older owner is sexist and believe female servers do nothing but complain and has no problem knowing that the guests favorite server (Anthony S) is cocky and steals tables from his coworkers. he only cares about himself and the managers/owners love him because he makes them money. they over look the fact that he is not the best server and has a way to manipulate the guest to buying whatever (the most expensive items on the menu) he wants them too.