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Jan 8, 2009 06:31 AM

Sun Wine Fest

Has anyone been before? Is it worth checking out and can anyone offer any suggestions for dinner afterwards? How has Tuscany or the LongHouse Steak house been lately?


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  1. I only attended the 1st year. Soooooo crowded, but there were an amazing amount of wine choices there.

    1. My son comes down from East Coast Grill in Boston to compete in the "oyster open" shucking contest on day two, so we have been several times. It has been progressively more crowded each year, so though there are many many wines to sample, it takes longer to actually get one to taste. They have decent food vendors in the back so you can graze as you sample.

      $70 a person for the "grand tasting" each day is not cheap, but worth checking out. I don't think we would have gone more than once if not for my son. Don't ordinarily dine at the casino (too many $$$), so no recs there.

      1. I have been for a few years now and as everyone else mentioned it is very crowded and can be difficult to get a sample. Now I just head straight upstairs where the beer and liquor are showcased and it is much more fun and way less crowded.

        1. I went 2 years ago. My opinion, save your money. Once the public goes in, it turns into a frat party. I can remember the announcer on stage yelling, "Who's F***ing drunk now!?!" Just what you want to hear when you plop down $$.

          1. Went last year (also gone to the one at Foxboods). MOHEGAN's was HORRIBLE. Overly croweded, you need to BUY tickets for food (that was included at the wine festival at Foxwoods) - which is NOT mentioned any where on the site (well it wasn't last year). Water was NOT readily available, (tables of bottles at Foxwoods), no good places for putting glasses if you needed a new one. I will NEVER go again. I guess I was too spoiled at the one at Foxwoods, small venue, polite people. lots of water, food included in price of ticket... If you do go to Mohegan's Wine fest - stay AWAY from the "spirits" floor - you will (after few hours) find people passed out on the floor - really, I kid you not - the whole 3rd floor STUNK like a frat house...

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              Kudo's my friend you couldnt have said it better. If you get a chance go to the wine festival in Napa and Vail Co. Great wines but the food out standing This year I dont know but with the tight economy the crowds might be thin. Been there done that will never go again. Please just take it as an opinion.