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Jan 8, 2009 06:22 AM

Food near Gaylord Opryland?

I have a meeting here next month. What is the chow situation at the resort and close environs? Should I consider a rental car if I want to go into Nashville to eat? And more importantly-is it worth going into Nashville to eat?

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  1. If you are really into holes in walls, and either aren't afraid of dicey areas or will be with someone, then Prince's Hot Chicken is close by. It's probably the most famous hole in the wall in Nashville, certainly one of them.

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      That sounds interesting-do they serve... chicken? Fried?

      1. re: Missy

        Just google "prince's hot chicken." You'll get a great deal of information Watch the youtube video, which BTW was apparently produced by the Southern Foodways Alliance, which is a serious thing. Gourmet did an article in Oct 2007 and featured them and several hot fish places around Nashville.

        The place is a legend. It's fried, then the heat is added. Several degrees of heat--they say you shouldn't press your luck when ordering.

        Full disclosure--I have been there three times but never arrived when it was open. I can only pass by on my way to visit my Mom from where I now live, so I'm schedule-constrained. So I'm working on research here, not actual personal experience, yet anyway. I'll keep trying. If you go, be prepared to wait a while. They cook only to order.

    2. Missy -- You should definitely rent a car as there is little of note in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel...

      1. Ellendale's is a great hidden gem off of Donelson Pike that is probably one of the closest places for good food. They have a great buffet every day for lunch and then wonderful meals at night and live music and one of the best Sunday brunches in town.

        Prince's is a great experience but be warned it is HOT no matter how mild you order it and like they said, not in a great area of town, never opens on time, and not exactly quick food. But definitely an experience.

        1. Outside of the resort property itself, there's really not anything in the area other than chains. There are tons of great places in Nashville, but all would require a car, sharing a cab, or the like. If you haven't made the trip yet, post more info about the type of place you'd like to visit -- cuisine, atmosphere, price range, etc. and you can get some more specific suggestions.

          1. I worked near there until recently. There's a good Thai/ multi-Asian place across the bigboulevard on Music Valley Drive whosename escapes me. Walking distance. Here is a link to last year's discussion on the "what to eat at Opryland."

            There's a barbecue place in Opry Mills, the big mall next to the hotel. It's not great, but it's adequate.
            You're 3 exits from Donelson, which has a couple of good places,, including Phat Bites, Ellendale's, and a great burger place called Fat Moe's.

            And the hotel has a culinary institute, so don't discount the in-house eateries. You may be surprised.