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Jan 8, 2009 06:17 AM

Where can I get fresh Ackee?

Where can I get fresh Ackee in the city? No cans!

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  1. "When picked before it is fully ripe, the fruit contains a chemical that limits the body’s ability to release the backup supply of glucose that is stored in the liver. That supply is essential because once the body uses up the sugar immediately available in the bloodstream an event that usually occurs several hours after eating it depends on this glucose to keep blood-sugar levels normal until the next meal. Without it, blood sugar plunges. Enough people have died from eating unripened ackee that it is illegal to bring the fruit into the U.S." (Source: The New York Times Sunday Magazine, October 12, 2008)


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      I was wondering the same thing. After spending Christmas at home in the Caribbean and yamming serious portions of Ackee and saltfish I wish I could find the fresh stuff here. The can just isn't the same - so mushy!

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        There must be some west indian/ caribbean market

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