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Jan 8, 2009 06:17 AM

Gramercy Tavern Room, Blue Hill, or Gilt for birthday dinner?

I'm celebrating my birthday with my sister next week. For the past two years, we've done the Bouley lunch tasting (which we love) but want to change it up a bit.

We're trying to decide between the Tavern Room at Gramercy, Blue Hill, or Gilt for dinner. It was originally between GT and Blue Hill, but I just heard a bunch of great things about Gilt so I wanted to see what you Chowhounders had experienced there.

Also, what about Eleven Madison Park or the Bar Room at the Modern?

I also LOVE dessert, so if there is a place you would recommend for just dessert, please please PLEASE recommend. I don't mind going elsewhere for dessert.


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  1. Go to Eleven Madison Park or Blue Hill!!! Oh dear Gramercy is really good too!!! Really i don't think you can go wrong with any but truthfully if you plan to go in a couple weeks you better get on those reservations!. After go to Chikalicious (i think that is the spelling) in east village for dessert.

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      EMP, Blue Hill, and Gramercy are all good. Blue Hill's desserts are ridiculously tasty, their pastry chef is one of my favorites.

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        great places to pick the room at Gramercy, but now that i see you have another options EMP, go with that instead...enjoy, report back. I had a great dinner there not too long ago. Happy Birthday!!