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Gramercy Tavern Room, Blue Hill, or Gilt for birthday dinner?

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I'm celebrating my birthday with my sister next week. For the past two years, we've done the Bouley lunch tasting (which we love) but want to change it up a bit.

We're trying to decide between the Tavern Room at Gramercy, Blue Hill, or Gilt for dinner. It was originally between GT and Blue Hill, but I just heard a bunch of great things about Gilt so I wanted to see what you Chowhounders had experienced there.

Also, what about Eleven Madison Park or the Bar Room at the Modern?

I also LOVE dessert, so if there is a place you would recommend for just dessert, please please PLEASE recommend. I don't mind going elsewhere for dessert.


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  1. Go to Eleven Madison Park or Blue Hill!!! Oh dear Gramercy is really good too!!! Really i don't think you can go wrong with any but truthfully if you plan to go in a couple weeks you better get on those reservations!. After go to Chikalicious (i think that is the spelling) in east village for dessert.

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      EMP, Blue Hill, and Gramercy are all good. Blue Hill's desserts are ridiculously tasty, their pastry chef is one of my favorites.

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        great places to pick from...love the room at Gramercy, but now that i see you have another options EMP, go with that instead...enjoy, report back. I had a great dinner there not too long ago. Happy Birthday!!