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Jan 8, 2009 06:15 AM

Ralph's on the Park, out of the way and off of my rotation

It was a poor performance by this "newest" of the Ralph and Cindy Brennan brand. My party included 1 local and 3 frequent visitors that wanted a nice meal before Celebration in the Oaks at nearby City Park. I should have known it was going to be a rough ride when I had to send back my drink. A proper Sazerac should never taste like straight rye. Concerning appetizers, the turtle soup tasted like it had a cup of water added to it, not sherry. And there was never a server with sherry to add in. We sent that back for a gumbo replacement which may have well been served from the same pot. Average at best. Next after a long hiatus, longer than the expected time it takes to prepare good food properly, we got our entrees and not one was satisfactory. The staff could say all they wanted about hot plates but the food was not and some were sent back. The fish dish had 2 less than complementary sauces drizzed on the sides that had congealed. The roast chicken was rubbery and the beef was cold. I mean this wasn't the early bird special, it was prime time and the staff and kitchen was off. Even after sending food and drinks back at every serving, we never even saw a manager.

My friends that recommended this place after having some great meals there but having a consistently bad meal there will keep me from going until I hear some really great things.

BTW, their other establishments , Mr B's, Redfish Grille and Bacco's still carry fine service and food. The Ralph's staff need to visit those establishments more often, as I will be doing.

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  1. I've never been impressed with Ralph's. The food has been mediocre and service slow.

    1. We have never done dinner there, but with five brunches under our belts, have to say that each one has been great. Oh, there was the last one, where the piano was too loud, but that was the exception.

      Now, this does not diminish your review, or attempt to cover for what sounds like a horrible experience. I am sorry for this.

      We were planning putting them into the diner rotation, but maybe I need to rethink that, and keep them in the brunch group.

      I can understand how you feel.

      Have never done their other restaurants, but the service at Ralph's has always been from 90 to a flat 100. Totally different experiences.


      1. I am shocked at your description of Ralph's on the Park. That is not the restaurant my husband and I have eaten in monthly since it opened. I would highly suggest that you give it another try. It is definitely my favorite Brennan restaurant and the food has always surpassed my expectations and the staff almost crosses the line of too helpful (but does not ). You say you have a freind that also suggested it. It sounds like an off night - which every restaurant can have. I consistantly dine there and love the delicious food as well as the warm atmosphere and the beautiful view of City Park. I hope you will try Ralph's again, I promise next time will be wonderful. We have just had too many great meals there for it not to be.

        1. The food at Ralph's has been nowhere near as good ever since Gerard Maras departed. service remains top notch