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Where can I buy fresh pork bellies?

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Any ideas - particularly on the North Side? Thanks!

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  1. I suspect Paulina Market could hook you up (or at the very least direct you to someone who can):


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    1. The Peoria Packing Company has fresh pork belly for about $1.29/lb. The pork belly at Paulina is frozen. Peoria Packing is located at 1300 W. Lake Street.in Chicago. The phone number is 312-738-1800.

      1. You could also try calling the butchers recommended in previous discussions of the best butchers in the Chicago area:

        1. Argyle St. grocery stores too.

          1. Grant Park Packing, 842 W. Lake. I've got two fresh pork bellies in my basement refrigerator that I bought their on Saturday for some pancetta I'm making. I don't think there's a pig part that they don't stock.

            Here's their website http://www.grantparkpacking.com/

            1. Thanks for all your input!

              1. If you're way far North then try Morse Fruit Market just west of Sheridan...I was just there today and saw it...don't remember the price though...