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Jan 8, 2009 06:00 AM

Dinner by the airport?

Hi CHers,
I'll have 2 hours between picking up two groups of friends from the airport, so figured I'd take the first group out for dinner. Any good recommendations? All of my searches have turned up are scary sounding chinese take out joints. Not exactly what I had in mind....

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  1. Sandro's on Vets. It is a vert good Italian place in a strip mall. Unassuming but fabulous.

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      I can heartily recommend the Village Inn, about which I've been meaning to write a post for some time--one of the last of the truly neighborhood restaurants left in the city, I've been going since the 80's.

      Also: Hurst's very fine soul food. I did a review of this some time ago, put "Hurst Kenner" in the search engine. Collard greens with pot likker--ahm, like having a religious experience.

    2. On Williams Blvd. in Rivertown 5 minutes from the airport:

      Restaurant da Piero - Higher end place with very good Italian dishes. Homemade pastas, and classic dishes.

      Le Parvenu - French style restaurant set in a cozy cottage. Nice atmosphere and good food.

      On Jefferson Hwy within 10 minutes drive you have Mimi's, Village Inn (po-boys and boiled seafood, oysters), Nicole's (on Sauve Rd. right off of Jeff Hwy.) Italian.

      Then there's Harbor Seafood/Fisherman's Cove on Williams North of I-10, Come Back Inn on W. Metairie Ave (po-boys and fried seafood plates).

      Some others that you can look up:

      Brick Oven
      Iron Pot
      Taqueria Sanchez

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        We've had several really good meals at Le Parvenu. Only complaint that I have ever had was with the wine service and glassware. If you're doing a bunch of driving, even to MSY, that will not really be a concern. For food, we've had great meals on each visit.

        Mimi's used to be a big fav. of ours. I think that they are family friends (wife's family), but the last two trips were not up to par. Now, those have been a few years, so might not carry any weight today. I used to love their fried shrimp. At one time, they were in the all-time top 10 - just not on the last two visits.


      2. If you want a casual dinner in a lively spot, try Taqueria Chilangos on Roosevelt (across the side street from the Home Depot on Vets, in a strip mall). Tasty ceviche, good enchiladas, etc. It's located in the old Taqueros spot, with an open kitchen and a full bar, so it is slightly nicer than your average post-Katrina taqueria. In the same vein (casual ethnic), head up Williams to the kabob joint (on your right as you head toward the lake, I can't remember the name, but it's in a strip mall with a halal butcher shop).

        I'm a fan of Brick Oven, as the food is reliable, but the whole place needs a steam-cleaning, and the ladies room needs some TLC. Still, the pizza is tasty, as is the chicken vesuvio.

        Sandro's is okay; basic italian food, not terribly exciting, but a good value & usually tasty. In the same shopping center with Sandro's is Siamese Thai, too.

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Thanks for the suggestions. I think we'll either go with Taqueria Chilangos...although these friends are from San Fran, so are serious mexican foodies, so maybe we'll go for a po-boy instead. Of the places mentioned, which is the best for po-boys?

          1. re: nogs80

            I don't think any place mentioned is a poboy joint. You could try Harbor Seafood on Williams for sandwiches, but it's a seafood place, so don't expect roast beef.

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              For seafood & po-boys, you might want to think about the Comeback Inn, on West Metaire. Not that far from MSY.


              Come Back Inn
              8016 W Metairie Ave, Metairie, LA 70003

        2. As EAC and HCeleste note, there's plenty to be found on Williams Blvd. Or consider the (short-ish) drive to Causeway (traffic-timing must be considered) to Bozo's (21st St.) - never a let-down. Or Drago's ?