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Jan 8, 2009 05:55 AM

SF Saloon - Got it's Beef Burger Mojo Back

For the last year or two I have stayed away from the beef burgers at SF Saloon. The meat supplier seemed to have changed for the worse. The very juicy and tasty patty had been replaced by something too firm, with too little fat content and beefy taste. Well, last night I noticed a new burger (49'er) on the menu with bleu cheese crumbles, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms. I like bleu cheese on my burgers. I like the strong counterpoint to the beef taste and the salty content works for me. Often I find that the crumbles are too small or too few, but not in this case. I also added bacon and the extra taste seemed to raise the stakes to an even higher and more delectable level.

This was an excellent burger. And their fries are some of the best in town with an enormous serving that comes with the burger.

During happy hour (4 to 7 PM) all their beers on tap are also a buck cheaper. My Sierra Nevada was $3.50. All in all I left a happy burger diner.

San Francisco Saloon Co
11501 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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  1. awsome report. that burger sounded magical! now if they would just change the name of the resturant to the raidernation i could eat in peace.

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    1. re: feedthebelly

      Once the Raider's are once again worthy of "favored nation" status I don't think that will be a problem. ;-D

      We actually try and go on the "non" sporting event nights as the place gets pretty crowded at times of "high interest" televised sports contests, (with plenty of t.v.'s strategically scattered about to catch things like the "fistivities" in the case of the Raider Nation).

    2. Oh, this is the christmas miracle I've been hoping for! This used to be one of my favorite burgers too and then they switched to those nasty (seemingly pre-formed) patties and you could no longer get the burgers properly cooked to order. Agreed that the fries were still great, though. I have to go back soon to check this out, maybe even tomorrow (if I don't end up ordering the burger at Arsenal). Thanks, Servorg!

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      1. re: mollyomormon

        raiders are on the way back like SF saloon's burgers! the cable car burger is always great too!

      2. I credit Mike Singletary! Seriously, Servorg, thanks for the tip...

        1. Shame on me!

          I should have known better, but no, I chose to give the San Francisco Saloon one more try. Known for their extremely slow service, (I am assuming there must be a giant screen TV in the kitchen) we decided to head there for lunch today. I said I would never go back after having to wait over an hour to get a burger last Feb.

          Well, today it only took 20 mins for the waitress to give us a look and 45 mins to get a pair of burgers which arrived just as we were heading for the door. Mind you, there were less than 25 folks and half of them had been served already. I like their burgers and since I only eat one or two a month, it's a big deal to get what I want in a reasonable amount of time.

          If you have an unlimited amount of time for your lunch then by all means hit them up. But if you are on your lunch hour you would do better to go elsewhere.

          For me, I owe the Chef over at The Hole in the Wall an apology for even thinking of going somewhere else for a lunchtime burger. I assure you, it will never happen again.

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          1. re: fewinhibitions

            I agree about their service being slow. We only go after work and normally about 6:20 PM on non big sports nights to eat. Under those conditions the service is actually pretty good (certainly nothing out of the ordinary). But if I was on a limited lunch hour or had to rush it would probably be my last choice. We hit up Hole in the Wall on a pretty frequent basis (becoming something of a regular on our westside rotation almost) and like it very much.