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Jan 8, 2009 05:45 AM

Japanese Cheesesteaks around 11th & Sansom

I know that this is ancient history (10+ years ago), but does anyone remember that little place on what I believe was the 11th block of sansom, that used to serve the sukiyaki cheesesteaks, it was run by an older Japanese couple?? The cheesesteaks were absolutely superb. It seems that they retired and sold it to another couple, but the other couple could not make a successful go of it. My question...Is there anywhere in Philly where they still make these?? I can still taste them, I have been jonesing for one, and though I have tried to re-create them, I have not been successful at it.

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  1. Talk about memories! Back in the mid-70's I worked at 1234 Market Street and we would go to the stand a couple of times a month to get lunch. Not the easiest thing to eat (they would tend to drip a bit) but 'absolutely superb' is a good description of the taste. Sorry, I don't know of any place in Philly where they make them anything like that.

    1. God, I LOVED that place!!! I think about it every once in a while. Used to go there on an average of two to three times per month when I worked at 12th and Market (the PSFS building) back in the late '70's. If you ever find anything like it, let me know.
      And here's another blast from the past. Remember Charlie's Waterwheel? The hoagies there were awesome! And they always had little sampler plates out on the counter.

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        i DO remember Charlie's Water Wheel.... downstairs.... and those meatsballs! he would constantly say.... "have some condiments!" in that accent..... not sure.... was a it Greek?
        and i think we got a free piece of fruit as well.....

        does anyone remember his helper? Paul? i remember Charlie taking his help for granted...
        for me.... it was '83

      2. Richie T I remember that place! I used to get one every week. if I remember you could get it over rice in a bowl also. i think they used to have Sriracha sauce on the table and counter to really spice it up. I've come close to duplicating but not exactly. Would pay quite a sum to find another like it

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          place was called "Sukiyaki" I think?