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Jan 8, 2009 05:24 AM

Buying jalapenos for canning

I'm looking to pickle several jars of jalapenos soon and I'm wondering where the best place in the Boston area would be to buy them in large quantities. Most supermarkets only seem to have a small basket at a time. My first thoughts were Russo's and maybe Super 88. Anyone have any experience with this?

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  1. I've only pickled my home-grown, but it seems to me that I've often seen a pretty good quantity of them at the Packard's Corner Star Market. Not all the time, though.

    You might talk to the produce manager at your local supermarket and ask if they can special-order you a few pounds. Should be possible.

    1. i buy them weekly at haymarket, usually about $1.00 per pound, about 1/3 of the price they are at shaw's.

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        1. It's the wrong time of year for this IMHO. Up here in TO I would buy them in the fall at a farmers market.

          Perhaps for next year.


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            Yeah, I know the quality would be better with locally grown and I am planning to do it in the fall as well. I've just got a hankering for some sooner.

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              If you are pickling them just some good fresh peppers from either of your original spots (Super 88 or Russo's) will work fine. They are a food item that can be just as good this time of year (unlike say tomatoes) as in peak season when used for something like pickling.

          2. 2nd the Haymarket suggestion..or CMart in Ctown always has plenty on hand.

            Side note on CMart..since the closing of Super 88, lines are horrendously long and I try to get there at off hours.

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              The Super88 in Allston -- which has not closed and is not closing -- had decent-looking jalapenos last weekend.

              However, I think your best bet is probably Russo's, both in terms of quality of chiles and price per pound. I've never had any problems with their chiles, and I'm picky.