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Jan 8, 2009 04:06 AM

Help me spend $20 at Starbucks

I never drink coffee at Starbucks. But I got a $20 gift card for them and want to spend it well.
I typically like more flavoured, sweet but not too sweet, coffees. I think some Starbucks' have desserts and sandwiches, right?

Anything that is recommended? Anybody try the sandwiches?

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  1. I haven't had any desserts at Starbucks that I thought were worth the calories. They do sell French Presses, etc., if you might have a need for one of those.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Their desserts aren't bad (not great, but not bad), but ever since NYC passed a law requiring chains to post calorie counts... one look at those numbers and I stick to just a cup of tea. I'm not a calorie counter, but damn...

      1. re: Emmmily

        I agree with emily. desserts arent close to worth the calories .........unless i havent eaten the whole day (when you always make the wrong choices)

    2. as MMRuth pointed out, they also sell French presses, as well as mugs, and bags of whole-bean coffee if that's more useful for you.

      1. For about $20, you can get a travel mug with a french press. I have one (not from Starbucks) and take it traveling with me, so I only need hot water to make better coffee.

        1. what about teas? Do you drink tea?

          My most favorite at-home coffee mugs are my starbucks mugs though.....if it were me, i'd spend it on that !

          1. No food I've had there is worth paying for, particularly the desserts which come in in a cardboard box on cardboard trays.

            I would buy their ONE brand of fair trade coffee with it and make it at home, but that's just me.