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Jan 8, 2009 03:34 AM

where to go for good thai in central ill?

i just had some fabulous thai at Dibs in Chicago, but i live in Decatur! anyplace around here, say Champaign or Springfield, that REALLY knows Thai????

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  1. btw, i had the basil chicken, hubby had the garlic chicken and the crab rangoon were great. place was clean, service fast and friendly and the presentation was very artistic. altho parking was tight, i`d give it high marks, can`t wait to go back.

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    1. re: leigh58

      Springfield has a few places I think...Little Saigon (Vietnamese too) and Magic Kitchen. I have not been to either, but they are supposed to be good. I live in Champaign and there is a place called Basil Thai near Krannert Center in Urbana ( which is decent, and another place in downtown Champaign called Nitaya, here's a link to a good local food blog for more info:

      Additionally, Bombay Grill (Indian) has added a location on 1st St. in Champaign, and it's pretty good.

      Oops, there's also Thara Thai, which is on Bloomington Rd. I believe, just off the I-74/Prospect exit. (scroll down for info about Thara):
      Have not been, but it gets high marks!

      Good luck!

      1. re: ddfry3

        I live just south of Springfield and Little Saigon is pretty excellent for central Illinois. I've been to a dozens places in Chicago and while it may not compete with the best of those, it is above par for the windy city. Magic Kitchen changed hands a few years back and some feel that the quality has dipped, but others say that nothing has changed. FWIW, I was never very impressed in the first place.

        There is a small place in the Capitol City shopping center just off of I-55---Taste of Thai---that is very good at what is does. It has a small menu and executes those dishes very capably----sort of a Thai Diner.

        Little Saigon is worth a trip though.

        1. re: chris in illinois

          Not exactly close to you, but there is a very good Thai restaurant in Peoria. It is also called Taste of Thai, but I don't think it's anyway related to the one you've mentioned. The owner/chef at the one in Peoria turns out some wonderful dishes. The menu is quite large, and we've tried a number of items. Our favorite is his green curry, but we've also had several noodle dishes that were quite tasty. Also, don't skip appetizers---we've tried several and they've all been quite good. Must tell you though, that the food is far superior to the atmosphere, decor, and service!

          1. re: Anne

            To add yet another to the Champaign list...Golden Wok, at 4th and University. Tiny little place sandwiched next to a larger apt. complex. Have never been there either!

        2. re: ddfry3

          The other Thai place I know of in C-U is Siam Terrace, in downtown Urbana. It also gets high marks, though I think not quite as high as Thara Thai. (Plus, Thara Thai is less expensive!).