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Jan 8, 2009 03:27 AM

Anyone Been To Marche (74 State Hotel) in Albany?

I did a search of this Board and nothing came up during 2008. Marche opened in late 2006, followed by the rapid departure of their chef, Eric Masson in early 2007. This is a link I found but it is from 2007:

Anyone been? Is it worth a try?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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  1. We went a few months after it opened (so it may have been with the first chef.) I remember that we had the tasting menu, and that the food was fine but nothing that drew us back. I think as hotel restaurants go, it seemed impressive - if one were staying in the area, it would be worth a visit. Of course, much may have changed since that time, for better or worse.

    1. Went to 74 State last weekend. The ambience was dark and cozy, smaller venue which we prefer. There were only a few tables with diners. Service was very good. Now on to the food:


      We had a special - salmon carpaccio with grapefruit and meyer lemon (ailoi or sauce?). Simple and fresh. Very good.


      Roasted and braised duck with walnut crepes and wild mushroom sauce. Delicious. the last time I had duck this tender was at The Modern Dining Room. The duck was less flavorful and gamey tasting then I'm used to and I'm not sure why.

      I forgot what my SO had.

      Not sure why this place isn't more crowded since the options downtown are limited. We were trying to rank our Albany and vicinity top favorites (Cafe Capriccio, Yono's, Tosca) and recent new tries like Chez Mike. 74 State was good and we will definitely go back. Can't wait until Dale Miller and Ric Orlando restaurants open. . .

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        Hey, FDR - I just read that Marche is changing its menu dramatically. Sounds enticing!

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          Thanks, meg944. We're going to Ric Orlando's new place this weekend. Thanks again for the report. At this rate I may be able to return to the Capital Region!