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Jan 7, 2009 09:58 PM

"Joy of Cooking" in your freezer...

Who would have thought the classic cookbook series I so dearly treasured would wound up pandering to a frozen foods maker?

But that's exactly what the Joy folks did, licensing their name to Bellisino Foods (who also makes the Michelina's line of frozen foods) - who in turn gave Joy a persona and a website at

The marketing seems a bit savvy (I did chuckle a little watching the videos posted on that site), but I'm not kidding myself thinking these are comparable to home-cooked meals (even if you do take on their "Make It Your Own" options, which can be as simple as throwing an extra half-cup of tomatoes or sour cream when cooking their frozen entrees). Still has the usual crazy amounts of sodium and/or fat as well as ingredients not readily available in the home kitchen (xanthan gum, sodium phosphate).

I haven't see the Joy line in my market's freezer aisle yet -- wound if any CHers were in the test markets and gave them a try. Would love to hear if they are in the slightest redeeming of the "Joy" name.


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  1. Here's the Advertising Age article about it. Adding shredded cheese to pasta is "make it your own"?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      They've had a seance and are communing with Sandra Lee.

      (What? Not dead yet? Oh... her career then.)

      I have no intention of trying anything of the sort. I make my own frozen meals.

    2. I did have the beef tips and noodles and they were the best frozen I've ever had and the 2 portion really would feed 2 adults. Not as good as homemade but very good for frozen and way better than take out pizza or fast food.

      1. What. A. Shame.

        "The Joy of Cooking" is all about preparing great meals from scratch without a lot of hassle. I couldn't read the article because I don't subscribe to Ad Age. I'd love to know which of the Rombauer/Becker relatives were responsible for this sell-out.

        We don't use frozen dinners. I occasionally gaze at the latest frozen offerings on my way to the ice cream case. It's incredible how many names are now associated with frozen entrees that one would've never imagined just ten years or so ago.

        1. What a shame and a 180 degrees to the JOC that jfood grew up with.