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What restaurants have bread made from chickpea flour?...

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What restaurants have bread made from chickpea flour?...

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  1. Not Chickpea bread, but 62 on Wharf in Salme has great Chickpea fries. Are you looking for gluten free or just chickpea flour as an ingredient?

    1. Chickpea flatbread at Rocca...

      1. This thread reminds me, I had some great chick pea fries in the fall, but I can't remember where. I think it may have been Harvest in Cambridge, but can anyone refresh my memory?

        1. Dhokla is a great steamed Indian bread, made with mostly chickpea flour. Don't know where in Boston you can find it, but its originally from Gujarat, so maybe an Indian restaurant run by Gujaratis...? You can also make decent dhokla from the Gits instant mixes found in many Indian groceries. Good stuff.

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            Khaman dhokla is found frozen in a store on moody st in waltham. there are 3 indian grocery stores on that street. My fav type is found on store that is next to the other corner indian grocery store- i can't recallt he name or name of the company right now.. the box is red/marroon. I think it is either deep or rajbhog.