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Jan 7, 2009 08:11 PM

NYC Food Challenges

Does anyone know of restaurants in New York that will give you some kind of prize for accomplishing a ridiculous food challenge? E.g., eat a burrito the size of a small child and win a t-shirt, or finish a 86 oz steak and get your picture on the Hall of Fame? Basically, a Man vs. Food style challenge. Any tips would be much appreciated.

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  1. I was just about to post a similar topic. I've been watching Man vs. Food and really want to find a local place too.

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      I immediately think of John Candy in the Great Outdoors...Great post...I will keep an eye out.

    2. The only one I know of is at Brick Lane Curry House. If you can finish the entire dish of extremely hot curry you get your meal for free.

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        which wouldnt happen often...they know what they're doing...

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          Unless things have changed you do not get a free meal at Brick Lane for finishing the phaal, you get a beer.

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            Brick Lane is where Adam "Man vs. Food" Richman (my new hero) filmed in NY recently. The show will air next week.

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              It's doable but my stomach was burning like crazy for the entire evening. I am proud to be a Phaal Curry Monster though.

              Anyways, Ottomanelli Brothers on 110th street had a 24 ounce burger challenge. If you can finish the 24 ounce burger, the fries, and the 20 ounce soda in 20 minutes you get a free lunch. It is only offered Monday-Thursday during lunch hours (I think 11-230), and there is a chance they stopped doing it after March.

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                You definitely only get a beer now. When I went it was part of an ongoing contest between a friend and I to see who can withstand more heat. Both of us finished the phaal no problem and agreed that it was only an 8 at best. The flavor is pretty tasty, but I would hardly say it counts as a "ridiculous" challenge.

              2. This place is on Long Island so I might get in trouble for posting on the Manhattan board but...

                Swingbelly's BBQ in Long Beach has a food challenge - if you complete it, you get a free T-shirt, your picture on the wall, and the platter is free. It includes:
                -full slab of St. Louis ribs
                -1/4 lb pulled pork
                -1/4 lb brisket
                -4 wings
                -3 rib tips
                -2 sides and cornbread

                You must not leave the table, you must finish in 1 hour and they even specify that a salad doesn't count as a side.

                It's intense. I can't imagine it being worth a free T-shirt and I don't think I'd be proud to have my picture on the wall!

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                    "if you complete it, you get a free T-shirt, your picture on the wall, and the platter is free"

                    They throw a hospital bed in there too?

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