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NYC Food Challenges

Does anyone know of restaurants in New York that will give you some kind of prize for accomplishing a ridiculous food challenge? E.g., eat a burrito the size of a small child and win a t-shirt, or finish a 86 oz steak and get your picture on the Hall of Fame? Basically, a Man vs. Food style challenge. Any tips would be much appreciated.

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  1. I was just about to post a similar topic. I've been watching Man vs. Food and really want to find a local place too.

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      I immediately think of John Candy in the Great Outdoors...Great post...I will keep an eye out.

    2. The only one I know of is at Brick Lane Curry House. If you can finish the entire dish of extremely hot curry you get your meal for free.

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        which wouldnt happen often...they know what they're doing...

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          Unless things have changed you do not get a free meal at Brick Lane for finishing the phaal, you get a beer.

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            Brick Lane is where Adam "Man vs. Food" Richman (my new hero) filmed in NY recently. The show will air next week.

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              It's doable but my stomach was burning like crazy for the entire evening. I am proud to be a Phaal Curry Monster though.

              Anyways, Ottomanelli Brothers on 110th street had a 24 ounce burger challenge. If you can finish the 24 ounce burger, the fries, and the 20 ounce soda in 20 minutes you get a free lunch. It is only offered Monday-Thursday during lunch hours (I think 11-230), and there is a chance they stopped doing it after March.

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                You definitely only get a beer now. When I went it was part of an ongoing contest between a friend and I to see who can withstand more heat. Both of us finished the phaal no problem and agreed that it was only an 8 at best. The flavor is pretty tasty, but I would hardly say it counts as a "ridiculous" challenge.

              2. This place is on Long Island so I might get in trouble for posting on the Manhattan board but...

                Swingbelly's BBQ in Long Beach has a food challenge - if you complete it, you get a free T-shirt, your picture on the wall, and the platter is free. It includes:
                -full slab of St. Louis ribs
                -1/4 lb pulled pork
                -1/4 lb brisket
                -4 wings
                -3 rib tips
                -2 sides and cornbread

                You must not leave the table, you must finish in 1 hour and they even specify that a salad doesn't count as a side.

                It's intense. I can't imagine it being worth a free T-shirt and I don't think I'd be proud to have my picture on the wall!

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                    "if you complete it, you get a free T-shirt, your picture on the wall, and the platter is free"

                    They throw a hospital bed in there too?

                  2. Great post.

                    I am going to give you a slightly off-topic answer. My friends and I have what we call the 'triple:' one Mamoun's falafel sandwiched between one slice of Joe's pizza (on the bottom, cheese side up) and one slice of john's pizza (on the top, cheese side down). Best enjoyed with lots of hot sauce from Mamoun's.

                    The prize is the feeling of gustatory satisfaction enjoyed throughout and the remarkable sense of accomplishment achieved upon completion.

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                        Zalaznick and the Always Hungry folks are brilliant. I'm going out right now for a triple...make that a double triple!

                    1. I have been to this Southwestern restaurant in Astoria - right under the N/W called Mojave. If you finish their jalapeno infused tequilia shot, you get it for free. It has some ridiculous name with skull and crossbones on the menu.
                      Apparantly it's a big deal there. My friend finished it and they were so impressed they gave it to him for free and even gave him another one.

                      1. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but has anyone ever tried "cheating" and eating some miracle berries (or miracle berry pills) before eating phaal or another hothothot dish?

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                          Miracle Berries don't suppress the heat of the dish, only sour and bitter flavors. Nice idea, though.

                        2. I'm surprised no one can come up with more food challenges in THE ENTIRETY OF MANHATTAN. Come on, there's got to be some.

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                            We don't have these gimmicks here, sorry.