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Jan 7, 2009 07:12 PM

Very Last Minute Trip to New York for Winter Jazz Fest this weekend

Food-fiend from New Orleans here, begging for food suggestions for this weekend. We will be staying in Brooklyn (I think), but will be all over the place. We're going for the Winter Jazz Fest (at (Le) Poisson Rouge, Sullivan Hall, Kenny's Castaways on Saturday night) and basically plan on eating the rest of the time (seriously, we have been known to eat back to back meals).

We are major (domestic) craft beer fiends, and we eat everything. I'm passionate about farmers markets and he loves beer stores. So:

if you could eat one semi-splurge meal, where?
Beer suggestions?
Any farmer's markets in the dead of winter?
Breakfast suggestions?
Specialty food shops ranging from sweets to cheese to charcuterie?


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  1. For a good beer selection (although it's got a loud college kid ambience) right in that neighborhood, there the Peculier Pub on Bleecker almost to LaGuardia... Also Murray's Cheese is close to there...I'll be playing piano with Theo Bleckmann at Le Poisson Rouge

    1. Ah, I just noticed you're staying in Brooklyn...The farmer's market is still at Grand Army Plaza on Saturdays, I think. Can anybody confirm this? Where in Brooklyn are you staying? The other suggestions I left previously are all around the site of the Jazz Fest in the Village (Manhattan)

      1. I'd really have to know exactly where you'll be before I can give good specifics but here goes.

        You absolutely have to try some of Six Points Ales stuff. You c an practically ignore Brooklyn Brewery, but Six Points Ale produces incredible beers and it's starting to win some serious awards.

        Get breakfast at Tom's Restaurant in Prospect Heights. It's mostly for the interior, but they serve up a very solid breakfast in a lovely setting. Also, down the road is The Islands which has some great slowly made Jamaican food (completely operated by the same two ladies.) If you go there, steer clear of the chicken and go for the really good stuff like her curry goat.

        For charcuterie I'd have to say that the Ridgewood Pork Store is second to none in New York. It won't be a 15 minute trip no matter where you're from, but I honestly think it's worth it. For one, the area it's in (Ridgewood) is absolutely gorgeous and retains one of the strongest neighborhood feels of any part of NYC. It's technically in Queens, but it's literally a matter blocks. You can walk to the Brooklyn border in about 5 minutes. They make their own cured meat products, Romanian salami, French sausage, and so fortth. It's mostly a two man operation and Romanian is the common language over the counter, but the guy who runs it is great. You'll leave with an insane amount of stuff for what you paid and you'll probably have tasted every single sausage the guy has (and he'll be the one forcing it on you.)

        If you're in Brooklyn then you have to get to Di Fara Pizzeria (ON A WEEKDAY that isn't Monday ON AN OFF HOUR) but otherwise it's up in the air until you say where you're staying (Brooklyn is massive) and how long you'd be willing to travel. For a place to eat in the Ridgewood area, Bosna Express is a very reliable little hole in the wall and its quite close by. They've got sausage, home made yogurt, and Bosnian burgers.

        1. there are a lot of solid beer-centric bars in brooklyn, but one of the best hands down in the whole city is spuyten duyvil on metropolitan avenue in williamsburg. another spot with a very impressive beer collection and one of the coolest stocked beer fridges i've ever seen is downtown bar & grill on court street in cobble hill. best manhattan beer spots include: blind tiger ale house, dba, and the ginger man.

          for breakfast, i havent been, but on the very very top of my list is shopsins (do a search in the manhattan board) - promises to be nothing if not a unique breakfast experience.

          union square farmers market seems to be the one that survives the most in the winter.

          where in BK will you be staying?
          and give us a few more specifics on your semi-splurge meal too for better advice...

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            bring another suitcase to bring home some beers -
            bierkraft in park slope brooklyn is a great place to get individual bottles as well as
            my favorite - New Beer Distributors in the lower east side.
            New beer will be having a free beer tasting from 2-4pm with Six point - featuring Gorilla Warfare Coffee Porter, Belgian Double IPA, Belgian Rye & Mason's Black Wheat.

            if you do make it to beerkraft - be sure to check out the beer table
            and if you do go to spuyten duyvil they do mainly belgian beers - be sure to check out their bbq joint across the street - fette sau (great beers on tap there as well as good cue) but dont order sides - not so good

            1. re: vatl619

              Oh yeah. Not always only locals, but check out Barcade in Williamsburg. They serve literally whatever they can get. If one of their employees or friends happens to be driving to Wisconsin that weekend you're getting a whole week of Wisconsin microbrews.

              If you want to do breakfast in the city then go to Barney Greengrass. It's an institution to say the least.

            2. For an unusual treat, try the Wild Game Festival at HENRY'S END on Hentry Street in Brooklyn Heights. Game, not usually available at other restaurants:. Quail, Pherasant, Turtle Soup, Game Pate, Venison Stew, Wild Boar Ragu, Muscovy Duck Breast are amonf the offerings at this fine dining establishment. in the New American style. Casual but not sloppy.

              . Excellent American Wine and Beer List. Highly rated by Zagat (26).No reservations , except for larger groups. Accepts Credit Cards.