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Jan 7, 2009 06:52 PM

Atlanta Perimeter area next weekend

We will be meeting our son and his girlfriend from DC next weekend in Atlanta. We are staying at the W Hotel in the perimeter area and might go to the King Tut exhibit. His girlfriend has extreme shellfish allergies. A few years ago we ate lunch at a place I think in a hotel across the street from the Perimeter mall with lovely views of wonderful outside areas with trees and decks and bridges that looked like you could get married out there. The food was great but I don't remember the name of the place. I was also considering Tasty China or Rathbun. What great restaurants are either in the Perimeter area or downtown (if that's where King Tut is). We are from Alabama, so "authentic southern" is not something we are especially looking for. We're coming Friday evening and leaving Sunday, maybe after lunch, so brunch might be something we're also looking for. Thanks for your help! Gail

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  1. I think you are talking about Villa Christina or La Grotta? Both very good. Probably La Grotta.
    For Brunch I really like Murphy's in Va. Highlands area, but so do a lot of other people, so there is usually a line out the door.
    I do hope you have a great time!

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      From the description on the website I think it must have been La Grotta. It was good. There was also a seafood place with great happy hour prices on lobster and 1/2 shell oysters across from the mall on another street, maybe the same street with the Westin. Any idea what that was and if it's still there? We were there for hubby's eye surgery at Emory Eye something or other. Thanks for the info!

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        Well there is Goldfish, but it is in off of the Mall. They have a good Shrimp and Grits.
        And Stone Crab Claws when they are in season.

    2. As far as your last message...lobster/shellfish...I think you're talking about Chequers on Hammond Drive. They have a great happy hour with lobsters.

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      1. La Grotta, if the name didn't give it away, is Italian cuisine. Kind of a REALLY nice spaghetti & red sauce kind of place. Just throwing that out there to help with the memory if it was La Grotta you visited last time.

        1. FYI- I've eaten at the Seasons 52 in Orlando and thought it was pretty good for a chain. There's one across Perimeter Center W from the W hotel. I'd probably travel elsewhere for a meal over it, but if you need something close... There's also a relatively new Alon's outpost on Ashford Dunwoody- I think it's the best bakery in town and the sandwiches rule.

          If you're headed back out I-20 to AL, Muss & Turner's is right off I-285 and on the way.

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          1. re: ted

            Never heard of M&T-looks interesting, but we usually don't go home on I-20. We live in Huntsville and usually go back through Rome.

            Where else would you travel for a meal? We'll have a car, so we can go downtown or Buckhead or whatever. Son's girlfriend lives in Kennesaw, so that's why I thought we might try the Tasty China based on some of the board posts. Son said a steak place due to her shellfish allergies, but now says she will take us somewhere on Saturday night.

            Thanks for the help! Gail

            1. re: glecroy

              If you go home through Rome, you'll likely pass through Cartersville. Don't know if the timing would work, but one of my favorite restaurants in the area is D. Morgan's, located in the heart of old downtown Cartersville. Wonderful food, and the basement has been turned into a classic english pub setting - dark wood, leather, and a great place to have a drink and wait for a table in the restaurant upstairs.

              1. re: glecroy

                Tasty China is obviously going to be more exotic, but M&Ts isn't much out of the way the direction you're headed back to Huntsville. It's just 2 exits past I-75 on I-285. And it's very close to the highway.

                I'd make a run downtown for Rathbun's Steak (since it gets great reviews but I haven't tried it yet), Ecco, Bacchanalia/Quinones/Star Provisions, Taka (sushi) or Tamarind Seed (Thai), to name a few. Holeman & Finch is kinda different (small room, small but very good plates, great cocktails) but is a huge fave of mine lately.

                Anyway, that's a few quick thoughts to add to the list.

              1. re: glecroy

                I've enjoyed it every time; they have a slightly-cheaper menu before 6:30 or 7 (varies depending on the season). As for downtown, the best bets are FAB, or Richard Blais' Flip (not too far from downtown). There are plenty of places in Midtown.