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Jan 7, 2009 06:50 PM

Anniversary Dinner in Palm Springs

We are going to be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in Palm Springs. We are in our late 30s, we eat pretty much anything (in San Diego we love Market and Trattoria i Trulli) but not so much Asian. For at least the anniversary dinner of our planned 4-night stay, price is not so much an issue. The fancier, the better. We will, however, also be looking for other more casual places to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner during our stay. We're looking at staying at the Viceroy Hotel in the heart of Palm Springs, so the closer to there, the better.
Ok chowhounders, unload those rec's!!

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  1. Normas at the Parker is one of my all-time favorite breakfast experiences hand down. Not cheap for breakfast, but I thought worth it. Maybe I am a sucker for atmosphere, but I also had the best iced coffees of my life there...

    don't really have a good dinner rec for you, I've been skunked in getting great dinners in PS for some reason!

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      thanks for the breakfast rec. we'll keep hunting!

    2. Le Vallerius (not sure that's spelled right) is always a sure fire winner. It's housed in Charlie Chaplain's old house right off of Palm Canyon in downtown Palm Springs.

      1. For burgers try Tyler's in downtown Palm Springs, excellent.
        Breakfast or lunch "Rick's" on North Palm Canyon Dr above Vista Chino, great American and Cuban food. For pizza try Palermos, corner of El Cielo and Ramon Rd near the airport. Small menu but top quality ingredients. Of course for Mexican food El Mirasol.
        Melvyn's at the Ingelside Inn for an old time Palm Springs experience

        1. We also spent our 10th Aniv, at La Quinta many years ago.
          We recently had great burgers at the Bar at the Cliff House in La Quinta. Check their Happy Hour Menu, they are 1/2 off on Sunday's 6 bucks! They are also on Happy Hour on Friday with 3 beers.

          Have a Happy Anniversary.

          1. Its been a year since we were there, but we loved Johannes. One of our favourites anywhere. I wonder if its fallen out of favour or does it not exist anymore? We are heading to PS next week and really hope to go again. My parents really prefer Le Valauris. My guess is its swankier, Johannes is hipper?? Feel free to chime in, anyone.

            For casual, we enjoyed Matchbox, maybe more for the vibe than the food. Its in a fun location. Tyler's is good for lunch.

            We'll give Norma's a try this time based on the rec above.

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              Did you go to Johannes? We eat there every couple of months and find it to be the best restaurant in Palm Springs. It seems a lot of Chowhounders don't agree.

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                we found johannes to be overrated and overpriced. not a great combo.

                we were out in march and actually had fantatstic meals at our hotel - the ace hotel. we had previously dined at their sister resto/hotel in portland (clyde common) and decided to give their new location a whirl. solid offerings, moderately priced, consistently good food.

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                  We didn't go last time we were there (Feb.), mostly because we had heard they had recently changed ownership. We didn't have a lot of spare time, but we did make it to Zin, where we had a nice meal but not the fun atmosphere of Johannes. So we'll probably try Johannes again next visit.