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Jan 7, 2009 06:46 PM

Taste Of Thai House, Vaughan Rd./St. Clair - a quick review

This is not gourmet dining. This tiny restaurant with only nine tables doesn't have a liquor licence. The billboard outside proclaims " no MSG & no articicial colouring " (one of the reasons for trying it was the 'no MSG thread':


So what does Taste of Thai have?

It has honest Thai food created in a family context.
We had:
Shrimp chips, not those synthetic pink things found in more commercial operations, but genuine, made from egg white, brown crisps, accompanied by a delicious peanut dip; A sweet and sour chicken stir fry with nuts, fresh veggies and rich sauce; Shrimp Pad Kee Mao, flat rice noodles with bamboo shoots and chili etc.

Total cost for dinner for two $30 including tip, now that is what I call good value.

( At another table I saw the artistic director of one of Toronto's top theatre companies, so clearly some cognoscenti have discovered this place that can be summed up as "simply simpleThai" )

62 Vaughan Rd. Just South of St. Clair just West of Bathurst.

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  1. this place used to be standard call and quick pick up place when i lived in the hood - SO loved their pad thai and i loved the ginger chicken. thanks for sharing!

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      Great review -- thanks! I have walked by many times and will now try it out. Am a big fan of Vanipha Lana which is also in the 'hood (st. Clair and Winona). It's pricier but really lovely food.

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        Thank you for the comments!
        And yes, I forgot to mention that it does Take out: Business hours Monday to Sunday 11.30 am to 10.00 pm

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          I'm with you, Arcadiaseeker. Vanipha Lanna is the best I've had in the hood, and they do takeout too. It's a tiny bit pricier but very much worth the $$. I always think of Taste of Thai as being cheaper than it ACTUALLY is, though. I still go there, and Khmer Thai too but I couldn't recommend Vanipha Lanna more.

      2. Thank you for your recommendations everyone. We just moved into the area, and decided to try this little place very close to us. We're delighted by the flavours and service, and will now add this place to our list of go-to places in the neighbourhood.

        We had Thai Chicken Wings appy (tasty, unique flavour, yummy orange based sauce), Red Thai Curry w/ Pork (wonderful rich curry slightly spicy), and Pad Thai w/ Shrimp (great taste & texture, not the goopy ketchupy ones you often get). This was more than we could eat for 2, and even had leftovers to take home.

        Service was great, sweet people run the place. The restaurant itself is very simple, not particularly a place to go for ambiance. Just basic tables with simple Thai accents. I think it's family run as one of the Thai women constantly comes and goes with their deliveries.

        They also advertise that their food is MSG-free and a healthy option.

        Will definitely eat here again/delivery/pickup. Yum.

        1. Accidentally walked into this place tonight as we were looking for a quick dinner in the area before an appointment. I was very happy with our meal! I had the chicken pad thai...brown, not red, not artificially sweet, good mix of soft,chewy noodles and crunchy fresh veggies. Very good! Hubby had seafood thai fried rice, also very good, with a good mix of seafood and a couple of large shrimp. I hate those small, pre-peeled frozen shrimp that some places use. Younger son had red curry beef...good flavor, more complex spicing than the usual curries I find in the TO thai restos. And older son had garlic pepper chicken, the surprise hit of the night. A bit oily but if you love garlic (like we do) you will like this dish. Our total bill with 2 pops was $55 incl. tip. Pretty good and a must-visit again place for us!

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          1. re: ctl98

            I just wanted to ask why you each had your own dish? Thai food is supposed to be for sharing, i.e. ordering a bunch of dishes collectively for a group. I can't imagine eating a single Thai dish all to myself; as much as I like Thai food, the flavour would end up being too repetitive. Part of the joy of Thai is in the contrasting textures and tastes between different dishes!

            Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you were not aware.

            1. re: vorpal

              HI Vorpal! Thanks for the heads up :-) We did share all the food but when we go out, we each order our "special requests" and then proceed to eat family style. I'm from the Philippines so family style eating is certainly the norm for us!

              1. re: ctl98

                *grins*... Glad to hear it!

                I just wanted to mention it because far too often, I go to a Thai restaurant to find four diners sitting around a table each eating their own entree, which usually means four bowls of pad thai on the table. So depressing to see! It's like sucking the life and joy out of the meal!

                1. re: vorpal

                  I know what you mean! Plus, why only have one dish when you can have 4?! And after all, what is a meal but a chance to share in a communal experience...