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Feb 19, 2004 06:12 PM

An Ode to Knoll's Black Forest Inn

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Ate dinner last night at Knoll's for what will be, sadly, our last meal there ever (as they're closing on the 28th). As always, it was wonderful... we started with the mixed appetizer platter, I had a lovely Cordon Bleu, and the missus had the fantastic (to her palatte... its always been to rich for me) Geschnetzeftes kalbfleisch mit pfifferlinge (veal in cream with chantarelles).

Topped it off with some good german brew and a nice chocolate truffle torte in the end and it made for an excellent, if bittersweet, dinner in the house that Knoll built. They'll be missed... and inspired this (bad) quickie ode:

An Ode to Knolls
(with apologies to Joyce Kilmer)

I think that I shall never see...
A schnitzel as lovely as Hilde's.

A schnitzel perfectly breaded and prest...
And popped into my mouth with zest.

Perfectly complimented with brau from Spaten...
kraut, kartopfelsalat, and sauerbraten.

An after-dinner drink of apfelkorn...
And black forest cake so decadent it could be porn.

Yes, only God can make a tree...
But Norbert and Hildegard made this Chowhound happy.


I'll miss 'em...


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    1. Zippy:

      I haven't been in years but I always enjoyed the place when I lived in Santa Monica. Do you know why they're closing? Retirement? Changing business conditions? ...?

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      1. re: SteveA

        After 40+ years husband and wife have decided to pack it in, and their son is not interested in running the restaurant. Just the mere passage of time.

      2. Very nice.

        1. q
          quiz wrangler

          Enjoyed delicious goose there a few months ago, sigh! It was my first visit after an absence of many years. I stayed away from Knoll's for a decade after an unfortunate incident when I broke up with a long time BF on a balmy summer night on their gorgeous patio. Actually, I just blurted out the news during our main course and was just as surprised as he was; I was planning to tell him after we got home. The newly minted ex stared at his plate in silence, and I not only continued to eat, but cleaned my plate!! I felt so mean, but couldn't help it--the food was delicious.

          1. If I might make a request, perhaps one of the hounds visiting Knoll's Black Forest Inn during its final weeks could manage to obtain a menu to donate to the Los Angeles Library's online historic menu collection (linked below). The affection Knoll's Black Forest Inn garners here is testament to its status as an LA institution, and it would be a shame if it were to vanish without leaving at least a menu for us to reminisce over.