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Jan 7, 2009 05:24 PM

Sanibel for 3 meals, whats best?

Hi were going to be in sanibel for 24 hours. 4 guys. breakfast at The Lighthouse Cafe, lunch at Doc Fords and dinner at Sweet Melissa. any reason to change our plans? thanks in advance

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  1. We were in Doc Ford's last Memorial Day and can't think of a reason to change that one. Interesting apps & a good selection of beers on tap. Enjoy!

    1. Sounds great to me as well. Another thought if you are going to be fishing, is to take your catch to the original Lazy Flamingo at CapSan Village, at the end of Sanibel. Dive bar with good food, limited menu. LMF

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        Your plans are good. I'm not a breakfast person, so can't say much at that hour.

        For lunch, I had great food, beautifully plated, with the new Mermaid Ktichen's chefs, more upscale quality tthan before. Nice intimate funky setting with mermaid memorabilia-fun to see the mural of who's who on the island. I've have had good food at Doc Fords, each worth a try.

        For dinner, a couple hundred feet west of the original funky Lazy Flamingo is upscale Sunset Grill, I recommend catching sunset first on the adjacent beach, then walking to your seats at the Grill. Sweet Melissa's is very good too, they are moving soon, so call to see what location they are at. For an elegant setting and a few more dollars, the Beach views at Thistle Lodge can't be beat, and you can go shelling before dinner. Just depends if you want casual or upscale casual.

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          glad to hear about the Mermaid's Kitchen. It was wonderful briefly as Katie Gardenia's Mermaid whatever and then went way off. I haven't been there for several years. A nice layout for a restaurant. I'll try it again sometime. I also love Thistle Lodge. I like with wine flights with dinner and the jazz ensemble. Nice place.

          Dolce Vita used to be a great deal of fun. I haven't been there forever, either. Captiva seems to be a problem for restaurants but there is enough on Sanibel to make up for it I think. Not many foodies really live out there. LMF

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              Sweet Melissa's Cafe will move mid February, not too far, to
              1625 Periwinkle Way, with same phone. This is on the "main drag" on Sanibel.

              Reason for move-larger spot, better access. The spot used to be La Vigna Italian.

              1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

                That is a better spot. La Vigna Italian was owned by the people that own Mama Pasta in Fort Myers, not my favorite by a mile. What Italian kitchen goes light on garlic and seasonings. Nursing home Italian and the Sanibel place wasn't much better. LMF

                1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

                  hi thanks for the reply. do you have a spot for a sunset drink in Sanibel. I was told Mucky Duck on Captiva is the best spot for that. What do you think. thanks;)

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                    I've been going to Sanibel for years. I really like Traders, on Periwinkle. It has a lunch menu, a good bar, a good wine list, live music a couple of nights a week and a great store you can shop in while waiting for a table. Also, IMHO, Timbers is very reliable for fresh fish, sort of a family place but dependable. '
                    Island Cow is good for cheap family food. McT's has good shrimp, so so atmosphere. Twilight cafe is also good. La Vigna is overpriced. Mad Hatters is excellent, but very pricey.

          1. Just got back from Sanibel for the 1st time and loved it. So many restaurants to chose from. Mucky Duck is a great place to watch the sunset and have a beer or a glass of wine - good tap selection. Mad Hatter was also very nice with a beautiful menu, but very pricey and a bit stuffy. Mermaid Kitchen was also nice, however my chicken came out undercooked (with apologies from the chef but no compensation). Gramma Dots had a nice, basic seafood menu and was off the beaten path. Did not eat at Lazy Flamingo but the place had a nice laid-back but happening atmosphere. The Green Flash has a nice location but the menu was a underwhelming, great bartender though!

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              thanks for the tips, did you eat at Melissa's?