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Jan 7, 2009 05:22 PM

Saturday lunch in/around Astoria?

Going back "home" to Astoria this weekend to have lunch with a friend who's also an Astorian from before Astoria was cool. Whenever we get together for lunch it's usually at a diner because we can sit and talk for hours, but I'm tired of that. We're both open to anything. If you could have only one meal there, where would it be?

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  1. Where in Astoria? The hot new place is Vesta on 21st St and 30th Ave. They have a brunch, and I suspect they're open and happy to serve you booze through the afternoon. Apparently their hangover pizza, served at brunch, is good.

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    1. re: Harlan

      Anywhere in Astoria or LIC works, we'll have wheels. Booze not necessary - can't have it.

      Vesta does brunch on Saturday?

      1. re: irishnyc

        Not traditional brunch, but I love Ill Bambino for weekend brunch. They have this truffled egg salad crostini that just hits the spot. Plus their coffee is really good too.
        Brick cafe across the street on 31st ave. is also good for a more traditional brunch.

      2. re: Harlan

        I went to Vesta the other night. My son had the pizza, which is really nice, think crust, a real plus. Wines and ambience great too. But I had the gnocchi with mushrooms which didn't go all that much above the level of airline food. And my wife's lasagna was much worse than I can do at home...Good breads, though. I dunno. I mourn the passing of NYC red sauce Italian. Unless you do upscale Manhattan fusion/funky/slick guy Italian these days you get something that tastes too close to TV dinners for my liking...If you're craving real quality Italian and you're in the Vesta area then take a few more minutes and go down to Manetta's. Much better and only a little more expensive.