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Jan 7, 2009 05:20 PM

Never been to the Keys!

Im going to embark on my first trip to Key West for a week in Jan. I have no idea where to eat and dont want to just pick from the guide books. Any sugesstions on local , fun and yummy places to chow down?

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  1. BO's Fishwagon, Alice's, El Siboney, for a start, are all great. I'm heading back down in couple of weeks myself and look forward to hitting all of these again.

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    1. re: bostonbroad

      Thanks for the list, Ill give one or all of them a try !

      1. re: michyphilly

        michy....I visit the keys quite often. I live in Palm Beach county. From the beginning of the keys til Key West is over 100 miles on a mostly two lane rd. US #1. There are many places to stop on the way down. Key Largo to Key West.MM#0. bostonbroad mentioned my favorite in Key West. (BO's Fishwagon.) I am assuming you are flying into Miami airport.At M M94 is Snappers on the oceanside. , sit at the bar, it is great. Great drinks, great view, great locals.Food is soso. You will hear bay side & ocean side. If you are heading towards Key West ocean side is on your left. When you get to Islamorada you will see the big sign for Hog Heaven...Turn there and go to "Island Grill" Waterfront and good food. At MM20 on the bayside is Mangrove Mamas. Looks like a house and it is easy to miss. Ask the locals where to go see the Key deer. You will want to take one home with you. Have a great time and don't forget the Duval crawl.

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          Thanks for your suggestions....I will be flying into S. Carolina and then into the Keys. I wish that I was road tripping so that I could try all of your favorites. Mabey next time !

    2. A must try......conch fritters. To be honest, some of the best I had was at the Key West Airport while waiting for my wife and kids to fly in. Their assortment of hot sauces (a very necessary additive) was phenomenal

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        Oh , conch fritters sound gooood! Ill keep my eye out for them.

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          You're right, actually, the conch fritters at the airport are surprisingly good. I haven't been in a while but other favorite fritters came from BO's Fish Wagon (although I'd rather have the fish sandwich there), the stand outside the Aquarium and the stand in a little alley off Duval Street.

          Other favorite KW chow: dark chocolate dipped Key Lime pie on a stick from Kermit's Key Lime Shoppe... dinner at Ricky's Blue Heaven, breakfast/lunch at Pepe's, ropa vieja at El Siboney..

          1. re: Chris VR

            Key Lime pie dipped in chocolate and on a stick ! Im going to check that out. Thanks

            1. re: michyphilly

              This sounds ridiculously good. My boyfriend and I are traveling to Key West in October for the first time. Thanks for the choco-dipped KLP suggestion, Chris VR. He's going to love it.

              1. re: valerieolivia

                You have to eat it fast though, as it doesn't want to stay on the stick once it starts to warm up.

                Hm, I'm not getting back to the Keys any time soon. Perhaps a little mail-order is in my future...

        2. Snappers in Key Largo, just okay. The joint relies more on the setting than the food. Uncle's in Islamorada was top-notch though I've heard a few complaints, just a few, lately. Don't know from recent experience. In Key West, Pepe's for sure. It's been awhile since I've been to Louie's Backyard but it was a standard a few years ago. Blue Heaven has also been high on the list but haven't been in over a year. I've heard that Kelly's (as in Kelly McGillis) was good now though when I was there awhile back it was just okay. Have fun. And don't do like some do, go on vacation and leave on probation!

          1. BO's is my FAVORITE place! Must visit 1/2 Shell Raw Bar and Grill, The Bull and Sloppy Joes for barcrawl/drinks. Don't forget Mallory Square at Sunset to see the dancing cats!

            1. It's been a few years, but Seven Fish and Louie's Backyard, both in Key West, are 2 of the few restaurants whose names I can remember from my travels, and are both in my top ten. (I write food and travel, so I've had a good meal or two.) Enjoy!