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Jan 7, 2009 05:14 PM

Has anyone tried the new Mexican resto: Cocina Lucero?

@Yonge & Maitland. Just watched the Restaurant Makeover episode.

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  1. Funny- I watched that episode too last night and just asked the question in the best Mexican food thread, LOL!

    1. Lol that makes a few of us who watched Restaurant Makeover last night. The food looked really good, would be nice to read a review from somebody before venturing over.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. LOL....after watching Restaurant Makeover it got me curious too....not too much of info out there on the net on it as yet......I hope it does not get the RM curse......the owners seem to have too much at stake.....

          1. Service service service! It is lacking big time. Too pricey for what it is and the horrible (lack of) service you get. You walk in no one acknowldges your exsitence. Tables not cleaned and cleared, no silver must ask for it. One waiter for 9 tables, someone from kitchen brings out food who doesn't know where it goes.
            Food pretty good (except for burned beans) but overpriced.
            They won't make it if these serious issues are not resolved.
            Would not recommend!
            Restaurantours should realize that getting a makeover to the location and adding a couple of dishes doesn't make a bad restaurant good. Some people should not be in the biz. I don't think these people have a clue...I am sorry to say.

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            1. re: notfussy

              I had posted on this place a while ago, asking if it was good because it seemed really expensive. The reason I never went there when it was Arre Burrito was because it was too expensive -- $15 for a buffet?!

              1. re: canadianbeaver

                I started going to this restaurant when it was Arre Burrito. I go mainly for the tamales, they are the best. I missed Restaurrant Makeover when they were on.

                Whenever I go there for lunch, there are always a few people in the restaurant.

                1. re: bryndah

                  I've been too - though, before RM invaded. Hit and miss and it is quite expensive and s l o w. Chicken burrito isn't bad, but once I ordered it without the beans - and it came with chicken and cheese - what? What about everything else? I talked to the owner, who comped the burrito, but 2 canned drinks still came to $5. Crazy. I haven't been back in months - I'll give them one more try as they're new and still working out the bugs.

                  1. re: tochipotle

                    I went with my boyfriend last night and it was easily the WORST service I've ever had in a restaurant. We sat down, had our drink order taken, the waiter brought our drinks and tortilla chips and took our order and then.....nothing. For 45 minutes. No drink refills, no more tortilla chips, not even a glass of water. Every time I made eye contact to try to find out where our food was, he disappeared into the kitchen. Finally we went up and asked, and were told "It's coming, it's coming" (no apology or explanation). 10 minutes later, we still didn't have our food, so we started putting on our jackets, when the waiter came over to see what was wrong(!!). We told him to cancel our entrees and since he assured us that the appetizer was on it's way out, we said we'd just take that. On our way out, the owner came over (looking more annoyed than concerned about keeping people happy) and said "You're OK? We have a big party here, so....." (again, no apology.....and the only other table was a party of about 10 people).

                    Anyway, I had high hopes, but this was incredibly disappointing.