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Jan 7, 2009 05:10 PM

Tasting Menu for a finicky Meateater?

I'm looking for a top restaurant that will do a tasting menu for my food challenged girlfriend. She doesn't eat fish (I know! But I get my seafood and offal fixes on my own...) but loves creative and interesting meat and vegetarian dishes. I'm thinking of doing the chef tasting menu at Grace. Maybe Ortolan? She loved Sona, but I don't want to go back there this time. Also, I'd like a restaurant that has a great wine list but will let me bring a bottle (I have no problem paying corkage).

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  1. hatfields? the foundry?

    1. Grace, Providence and Spago are pretty adaptable to finicky eaters and can adjust their tasting menus to meet specifications. Craft is also worth a try, as is Osteria Mozza (though the last one is very pasta-centric).

      Of course, it's best if you give the restaurants a call to see if they can accomodate that request when you aim for a reservation a few days before and again on the day of to confirm and remind them of your special request.