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Jan 7, 2009 05:04 PM

Authentic Chineese on the Main Line

Im always looking for a good Chineese Rest. near me. I know that I can go into Chinatown to get a great meal but sometimes I want to go local. Any suggestions ?

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  1. Best bet would be Sangkee in Wynnewood, which is an offshoot of the Chinatown mainstay. Traditional Cantonese items include roasted meats, amazing shrimp dumplings in noodle soup, and pan fried noodles without the gloppy crap served up by the local takeout dives.

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      Oh yes,Ive eaten at Sang Kee and it is really good. The sparerib bits are wonderful and so are the watercress dumplings. I would like to change it up a bit and have another place to eat at with a different selection of menue items. I havent had much luck finding other places ...

    2. I assume you have tried Yang Ming?

      Some others we patronize are Chun Sing in Ardmore and Chun Hing which is technically in the city on Monument Road in the Pathmark Center.

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        Our last experiences at YangMing weren't great. Hopefully it was just a blip, and not a change in what was a reliable, good surburban place. Has anyone been there recently? If so please share your experience with us.

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          Not a blip. :) Although I love their hot sour soup.

      2. I freqent Yang Ming and always find the food and service top notch. The last time we went for dinner we ordered 1/2 a peking duck and it was so dry and tasteless I was dissapointed. I hope it was just a fluke. I tried Chun Sing about 5 years ago and didnt like it at all. Has it changed hands? I also just went to Chun Hing and ordered the worst orange beef , we couldnt even eat it. People seem to like it there but I dont know why, it wasnt for me...

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          At a lot of Chinese restaurants there are certain things they do better than others. At Chun Hing if you ask them what is good they will steer you to the right dishes. My personal favorite is the squid with five spicy taste. The fish special in black bean sauce is also very good as are the very garlicky mussels (also a "special") that come with angel hair pasta. I like their shrimp eggs rolls, wonton soup, dumplings, pork lo main and Singapore noodles. A lot of people like the Mr. Sherman's shrimp with garlic, they are tasty but I don't like peeling them. The eggplant dishes are also good. Well, those are just some of the things I like there. I recommend you give it another try, go with a group and order plenty of dishes. They are so friendly there...we have been going for years and they treat us like royalty.

        2. i also like hunan on lancaster ave in ardmore. only done take out but really love their hot and sour soup, calamari appetizer and any of the spicy dishes (spicy chicken, shrimp, tofu).

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            I think that I will give Hunan a try , people seem to like it and its supper close to where I live. Thanks