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Jan 7, 2009 04:17 PM

Sushi Para II, Katachi, Ringo???

Have you been to Sushi Para II, Katachi, or Ringo for AYCE sushi?
Feedback is needed. Thanks!

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  1. Can't speak for Katachi or Ringo, only Sushi Para II.

    You don't go to SP2 for any reason other than AYCE. I know people who get takeout or order off their regular menu, which is fine and acceptable, but even I'll admit there are much better places to go in the area if you want premium grade sushi.

    Having said that, the AYCE at SP2 is the best-kept secret in Lincoln Park. $18 for eating the equivalent of $100 anywhere else? You can't beat that. There have hot appetizer options, salads, soups, nigiri, maki, and various rolls. It's all made-to-order, just make sure you finish everything you order or they will charge you the a la carte price. My only gripes about this place are the service (hit or miss) and that they don't have real crab. They have soft-shell crab year-round but that's the only kind of real crab. Go for the AYCE and you shouldn't be disappointed. Go at peak hours, i.e. Fri-Sun @ dinnertime, and you'll be made to wait, and then it may not live up to the hype.