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Jan 7, 2009 04:11 PM

In town for the weekend from NYC- need help pleeeaasse :)

My BF is in town for a couple weeks and I will be meeting himthis weekend (Fri-Sun). We need some recs! Ive grabbed some great upscale suggestions off of other threads (Corduroy, Tosca, Restaurant Eve etc), but im looking for some great hole-in-the-wall, distinctly DC type restaurants. Were staying very near Dupont Circle, but are willing to travel for food. We love cozy restaurants with vibrant food. Price isnt tooooo important, but since i have lots of pricier suggestions already, Id love some slightly cheaper options. We eat ANYthing, so dont hold back!

thanks SO much and i promise ill reciprocate next time you need help from the NYC board! :)

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  1. The single most impressive hole-in-the-wall is the amazingly tiny Thai X-ing. Claim to fame here is the salmon red curry. It is a MUST ORDER. Other good orders are the tofu soup and the pad kana.

    Somehow, they have managed to cram about three tables into this incredibly small space. This is not at all like going to a restaurant, more like a friend's apartment for dinner.

    Thai X-Ing
    515 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

    1. It is hard to suggest a distinctly DC type place, mainly because DC is such a multi-ethnic/mulit-national town. You really should try one of the excellent Ethiopian places in town. Etete, Dukem, or Queen Makeda are all good choices and definitely not expensive. While not cozy Zyatinya or Jaleo would be good for tapas.

      1. I second Dinwiddie's Ethiopian suggesitons, and would add 2 Amy's for traditional Naples style pizza. Though go at off hours so you don't have to wait in line. Went for the first time a couple weeks ago and went back the next day it was so amazing. As authentic as anything I've had outside of Italy, and not just their pizza.

        Also, see this recent detailed post from a CA Chowhound's recent rounds at DC's soul food joints. Inexpensive and delicious, assuming cholesterol isn't an issue.

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          thanks so much so far! keep em comin!

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            Forgot to mention the cafe/bar at Palena, across the street from the Cleveland Park metro stop. Terrific food and much more reasonably priced than their formal dining area. And a block away is Dino. Terrific Italian wine bar with delicious and authentic meats and cheeses. Lots of options for nibbling on small plates as well as reasonably priced entrees. It's a lively but cozy atmosphere and ideal spot for a date.

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              If you're in DC for a few days, dont waste you time/money on italian. Tosca is one of the top italian spots in DC, you'll find countless better places in NYC.

        2. NYC has mediocre Vietnemese food at best, so I'd suggest a trip to the Eden Center in Falls Church, VA, or to the new Four Sisters location in Merrifield.

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            I'd also reccomend Minh's for Vietnames in between Clarendon/Courthouse, it's wonderful and probably easier to get to via metro.

          2. While Korean is pretty great in NYC, none of the Korean BBQ joints in Manhattan at least measure up to Honey Pig in my opinion. Its a hike in Annandale but worth the drive. I think via transit it might be a pain.