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Jan 7, 2009 03:56 PM

Specialty groceries in Red Deer

No large ethnic markets with fresh meat or produce.A collection of smaller stores.

I wish the Hong Kong Superstore was still open, we lost alot of chinese and some Japanese groceries
Hopefully someone will step forward and fill their shoes.

Sunshine Oriental Store
4717-49 ave
same building as Fields
limited supplies but newley opened,everytime I stop by they have more choices
than last time
seems mostly Phillipino

Domrick Dollar Store and Bakery
lion plaza
10-7710 50 ave
some packaged foods
bakery part seems to have disapeared, freezer selection increased

La Tienda Latina
old park hotel building
4916 50 st
my main source of tortillas,beans,dried peppers etc. They have been hidden behind a construction shack for quite awhile and it has really cut into their
business.The shack is now gone,hopefully they will get back to the
level they were before

Rincon Latino
Across the street from the alpha plant(now saputo) and a little bit south
5317 Gaetz ave
more mexican goodies beans, masa,dried peppers.spices

Afro-Caribe Store
Simco Mall in basement
small selection of african and carribian groceries,also beauty product,hair
product and hair salon
and hair salon

Singh food store
gas station/convenience store
4745 32nd street
selection of indian groceries,spices etc

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  1. Suworks

    A few stores west of La Tienda Latina
    4924-50 street (Ross Street)
    Expensive kitchen toys,garden art,bookstore and gallery in back
    Towards the back they have a section with various hot sauces.Several years
    ago they had 3x the selection but unfortunatly they have cut back.

    1. Re Singh Food Store
      This is how it is listed in the phone book.The sign on the store says
      North Hill Food Store.I don'T know why they call it this,the store
      is south of downtown.The gas station sign says United Petro.

      1. I wish I'd seen this thread before now ... I could have made it to Rincon Latino too.

        Went to Momo Sushi for lunch today with DH and was surprsed to find the Afro-Caribe store around the corner. Sushi was good, was there with my 4yo in tow so only had a few rolls, miso soup and tempura... I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice non-chain spot downtown - the rice was nice, rolls were tight and service was prompt & courteous. My only complaint - their fryer wasn't hot enough so the panko was a bit greasy, otherwise it was crisp & light, not at all overdone.

        Headed to the Afro-Caribe store afterwards and found the basement store had quite a hodge-podge everything from ginger beer, malta, assorted dry goods, hot sauces, salt cod and frozen jamaica patties.

        Next went to La Tienda Latina it's been a year since your post and there is still a lot of construction out front on 50th St. Picked up PAN, a mole verde, and some dulce de leche. They seem to have a lot of herdez products, assorted dried beans and peppers... although the beans weren't labeled and the owner (?) was busy on the phone the whole time we were there so I didn't get to ask which they were.

        Last stop was Sunworks... same block as LTL - the Viking sign in the window caught my eye. From the street this store looks small but you head inside and it's two stories... not all of which is food related however what is was a happy find. Saeco espresso machines (!), cuisipro tampers and milk thermometers, assorted danesco products, Bodums, what think was the most complete line of Emile Henry I've seen (and that includes Le Gnome), Vera Wang plates/platters, Staub dutch ovens... a small selection of cookbooks in the back, as well as the aforementioned hot sauces. The clerk offered to demo a machine for me or pour me some applecider but I declined the offer... I had left my MIL in the van with the now-tired & getting cranky 4yo so I said next time... (I'm only going to be able to buy a $1500+ machine when I win the lotto anyway)

        All in all a wonderful afternoon - also proving that Red Deer isn't the chain-driven wasteland seen from the highway.

        1. Highway to Health also has lots of great speciality items!

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          1. re: CookieGal

            Does anyone know if Highway to Health has relocated? I went by their location off of Gaetz and its closed.

            1. re: maplesugar

              I walked by Hiway to Health today and a piece of paper taped to the window saying basically saying it's permanently
              out of business.

          2. Just an update on Rincon Latino, the sign now says Unimarket -(10a-6p 7 days/wk) went in today and quite happily found mexican (hfcs free) coca-cola.

            In a cooler up front there was chorizo (two ways), queso blanco, queso fresco, crema and fresh corn tortillas. There was a variety of moles, and salsas, achiote, dried peppers, corn husks for making tamales, corn flour, hominy... Almost as well or better stocked than Salsita - the only thing missing was the cooler of fresh salsas, guacamole and ceviche.

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            1. re: maplesugar

              Wow. I might actually have to add a stop in Red Deer now when I travel in between Edmonton/Calgary!