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Jan 7, 2009 03:43 PM

Morcilla Sausage

Does anyone have this recipe? Thanks

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  1. Do you have a supply of pig's blood?

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      There is a fairly large Asian and Hispanic presence where I live and I haven't had any problems yet.

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        It's just that in the UK I wouldn't have a clue where to get pig's blood from! I do love me a black pudding though......

    2. Morcilla is just one variety of blood sausage, most of these sausages are regional and you'd be hard pressed to find two recipes alike.
      But if it's a recipe you're after, here's one to get you started:

      1. Was at the abbatoir having a hog slaughtered for a pig picking. A portuguese woman was collecting blood from her pig. I asked her if she was making sausage, and she said yes, morcilla. I offered her the blood from my pig in return for her recipe, which she gladly accepted.
        For what its worth, here it is:
        Ground pork
        Paprika (blend hot and mild to taste)
        Mix well.
        Add blood a little at a time to get proper consistency.
        Fill casings.
        OK, simplistic for sure, but she was speaking Portuguese which is a far cry from my poor Spanish...
        Not a pure blood sausage (only blood), but her family's version.
        If you made sausage in the past, it is at least a guideline.

        Me? I would add cooked rice as I had in Spainish morcilla.

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        1. Google "making morcilla" and you'll find several recipes. There are many variations out there and the terminology is inconsistent. I grew up in Louisiana and blood sausage with rice was boudin noire, but I've heard that in France boudin noire contains apples and onions and no rice. For me, morcilla had no rice but ground or finely diced fat instead, and was flavored with mace and cinnamon, but maybe that was a Colombian variation (Dad is Colombian). Haven't tried it, but some Spanish recipes call for bread instead of fat or rice. The recipe Porker got from the Portuguese lady is pretty basic, except I never heard of smoked morcilla. But why not?

          1. I found this info on which is a UK site You might want to head over there and see what else is posted