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Jan 7, 2009 02:55 PM

Northeast Edmonton

I have recently moved to northeast Edmonton. Apart from the standard fastfood and chain restaurants I have yet to find any interesting place for dinner. Any suggestions?

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  1. How northeast are you looking? Spago is north and kind of east.

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      Since when is 97 St east?

      There isn't much east of 97 St other than a handful of so-so places. I think Franco's Pizza is still open - they've been around for years and years and their pizza is ok but not sure I'd want to sit in there and eat.... The Wok N Roll Restaurant has edible but not great Chinese food with some authentic and some Canadianized food.

      You're probably better off heading to 97 St where you can go to Good Buddy or the Vietnamese place across the street whose name escapes me, or further north where you can go to someplace like Shumka for perogies.

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        I have to change my opinion of Wok N Roll - the food is better than I originally experienced, and is a decent option for the Clareview area.

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          Saigon Paradise is the Vietnamese place mentioned, which we quite enjoy.

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      1. There are a few hidden gems. Certainly Culina Highlands can compete with anything in the city. The new Latin American club on 50th street does pretty good Mexican. The New Asian Village location on 137th Ave is as good as the other locations.

        Uncle Ed's next to Mundare Sausage is the best deal in town. The full meal platters are huge and they do have great perogies. Also try the smoked pork ribs and the buffalo burger.

        Another good burger available at Pappa's (about a block from the Sausage shop). The Pappa's burger is huge and great with everything on it.

        I have had good pasta at Acqua Marina. I really liked the spicy marina sauce and the veal was very good.

        The Portuguese bakery on 118th Ave makes great deli sandwiches.

        1. I just moved to Clareview area and was wondering the same thing! We moved from Ontario so we're looking for the standards to become favourites: ribs, pub, italian, chinese takeout, and a good chicken place. I'm so getting sick of going to Boston pizza cause it's the only familiar restaurant around...

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            Just remembered another place - New Asian Village opened up a branch in Clareview (Manning Drive and 137 Ave), so if you're interested in Indian you can order off their menu or sample their buffet.

          2. You'll definitely want to check out Stephanie's Thai and Lao Cuisine if you're into Asian flavors at all. It is pretty amazing. It is located in a small strip mall on 95 st just off 153rd.

            I've also heard good reviews about Sanremo Italian Bistro in Namao on 96st/167 ave. Apparently they make their own pasta from scratch. (I know.. it's not really north EAST Edmonton... but close enough since Clareview is a culinary wasteland).

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              Wow, they've got a lot of Lao dishes on there. It always makes me hungry when I see Lao Beef Jerky (Sinh Savanh) and Lao Sausage (Sai Oua) on a restaurant menu.

              It's awesome that they also serve Lao-style Tom Yum soup, whereas most restaurants serve only Thai-style Tom Yum soup.