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Jan 7, 2009 02:38 PM

Seaport Newbies - Onda and Made Fresh Daily

Last night I wandered across the street to Onda (contemporary Latin). Always on the lookout for a dining options besides Acqua and Table Tales (or leaving the neighborhood). . . Now on to the food:

I nibbled on bean dip and warm flatbread while I asked Ciril for his suggestions and sipped my wine. Lots of wine by the glass, limited wine list (reasonably priced) with Chilean and Argentine wines.


*Flat bread with smoked duck, manchego cheese + porcini spread, sherry cherry. Delicious. (Thinking Rayuela now . . .)


*Wild striped bass ceviche - citurs sauce, jalapenos, red onion, passion fruit sorbet - light, fresh - very good.


*Crab & arepa salad - sweet corn arepa, jicama, papaya, organic arugula, crab and lime vinaigrette - very good.

Two glasses of wine and the 3 small plates were $48 without tax and tip. Onda might be too good for the neighborhood. A step above Salud! and a bit reminiscent of Rayuela. Might even invite my SO here.

229 Front Street
(No delivery yet - let's hope Executive Dining or Seamless Web changes that soon.


Apples and oranges here: grabbed a late luch "to go" today at Made Fresh Daily. Whiter and larger but vaguely reminiscent of sorely missed DoDo (was on South and Peck Slip). I had the carrot ginger soup and curried tuna salad on whole grain toast. Very good and FRESH. Sandwiches in $7 - $9.50 range. They also had Doughnut Plant donuts and some good looking cupcakes. Luckily I passed on all things dessert-ish.

Hours 8-5 (so if you want coffee after Jack's closes it's Barbarini or maybe Financier)
226 Front Street

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  1. Went back tonight with a friend and had proseco (no coffee service yet) and shared a chocolate dessert. Very nice. There are three desserts (including tres leche). Wine list is not as limited as I thought, found the page with Italian and Spanish wines. No lunch service yet. Not sure if they will deliver, the food may not travel well . . .

    1. Great thanks! I walked by Onda last night and want to try it...definitely will! Did you notice that the Barbarini Mercato looks like it might open soon too?

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        Thanks, trinyc. Noticed Barbarini's market is scheduled to open soon. Stonehouse is moving around the corner to Beekman. I wonder when Cowgirl will be opening (old Radio Mexico space)?

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          Cowgirl as in the restaurant in the West Village?

      2. Hey, I know it's off topic, but are there any places in the seaport area that are open late (after 12) on a Friday night? I'm getting married at Bridgewaters on a Friday night and am looking for a good afterparty spot. Any suggestions?

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          cwilco, The Paris is open late, pubby atmosphere. Meade's and Fresh Salt may also be open late, similar atmopshere. The Wine Bar is more upscale and sophisticated. Not sure what hours are - for open after 12 these might be your best local options to start with.

        2. Went to Onda again last night. They will be open for lunch starting March 11th. Lunch menu was not available yet. We received a 50% off lunch coupon yesterday.

          1. Went to Made Fresh Daily again today. Had the spicy grilled cheese with chipotle onions. Very good and of course, made fresh.

            PS This is not a good place if you are in a hurry because they make everything to order. There are a few tables inside and the place has a good vibe.