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Any retailers of Mallomars in Greater Boston?

A buddy of mine is a recently-relocated NYC native pining for Mallomars. They're in season at the moment, but I doubt they get distributed by Nabisco very far beyond the tri-state (Jersey / NY / CT) area.

Is there some local retailer who caters to such exotic fancies? (I never had them as a kid, so when I sampled them as an adult, I thought they were good, but they held no mystique or nostalgia value for me.)

I suppose he could always order them online: http://www.marshmallowcookiesonline.com/ $12 a pop for a box of Nabisco cookies, though: ouch.

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  1. They're usually in the supermarkets at this time of year. I believe Nabisco halts production in the summer months because they're so perishable. Look on the top shelf near the other higher priced Nabisco products that never go on sale, such as Famous Chocolate Wafers and Sugar Wafers. Believe it or not, I recently got a package of 3 boxes at Costco for about $8. A single box goes for about $5 at Shaw's. I've seen them at both the Everett and Waltham warehouses.

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      Thats a geat price for 3 boxes if they are 8oz boxes. I just paid $18.99 for a 6/8oz. boxes at BJ's

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          I was in Costco today and the price was $5.87 for three 8 oz. boxes. They have been moved and are now with snack packages of cookies in the candy section rather than with the cookies in the grocery section.

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          yes, saw them at costco too. i had to restrain myself from buying, bc I would have gone through those boxes way too quickly!

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            Yes, the don't make them in the summer because they melt. Not sure they are acutally perishable in the spoilage sense.

          2. I regularly see them at Market Basket (but was studiously avoiding that whole aisle on my last trip, so can't say definitively this year, yet. . .). Not especially cheap, but no where in neighborhood of $12 a box, unless, of course, they're serving them at the Butcher Shop.

            Pinwheels are no substitute, so don't even go down that route. It's a Hydrox/Oreo situation.

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              "It's a Hydrox/Oreo situation." Classic.

              And very true. My Grandpa is a Mallomar addict and when I once brought him Pinwheels instead he set me straight in no uncertain terms

              I've also seen them at that little imported food shop in Davis Square, near Namaskar. They also carry Cadbury Flake and Wheatabix...

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                The shop in Davis is called Farmer's Bounty. They have a whole section of imported British and Irish candies as well.

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                Are we in agreement that Hydrox are better?

              3. Last week, I saw them on a special display at Walmart. I didn't realize they're only sold at certain times of the year. I even picked a package up to look at it and thought to myself that I hadn't seen them for awhile. I put it back because of the whole New Year's resolution thing. I guess I better go and get some.....

                1. I've purchased the Quebec version - Whippets - at a local chain grocery store (can't remember if it was Shaw's or Stop and Shop.) Really good.

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                    Mallomar sighting at the Shaw's in Porter Square. $5.79 for an 8 oz box

                  2. I'm pregnant and have been craving mallowmars. I've been buying them at Roche Bros. and Stop & Shop in Quincy.

                    1. My Stop & Shop in Gloucester always has them (in season, of course).

                      1. saw them yesterday at stop n shop in revere. an 8oz box for $4.19

                        1. After reading this I ran out to try Mallomars. I found them in Stop & Shop, they are VERY good! Thanks! Why would they be seasonal?

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                            You can't hunt marshmallows before Thanksgiving.

                            1. re: Alica

                              The chocolate coating melts in warmer weather.

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                                Okay, I have to ask, don't alot of things melt in the warmer weather?

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                                  Marshmallow doesn't fare too well in warmer weather either. The old Charleston Chew factory used to have to close in the summer because it didn't have air conditioning.

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                                      They definitely stock them at Star Market in the winter.

                                      FOr those interested in the seasonal nature of the product, the NY Times had a story about this a few years ago


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                                        Great article! Especially loved the "les Mallomars sont arriv├ęs."

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                                          I remember reading this article back when it was published, but what didn't stick was the fact that the singular is not "Mallomar", it's "one Mallomars". Weird, kind of like "Red Sox".

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                                            Although I have heard players refer to themselves as a "Red Sock". Doesn't sound quite right to me.

                                            And now I want to go out and buy Mallomars when I had no particular craving for them ever before. In my life...........

                              2. This may be my favorite thread ever.

                                1. Oh, by the way, one of my favorite things about Mallomars is the serving size listed on the box: 2. ARE THEY KIDDING?