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Jan 7, 2009 01:16 PM

Time Limit at Brunch

Every few months, a group of friends and I get together for Sunday brunch. We always go to a fairly upscale joint, where we enjoy catching up over a cocktail or two, making a trip or three to the buffet (if it is a buffet), then catching up some more over coffee and dessert. We agreed to have our next pending brunch at a place which, when reservations were made for the 1130 seating, vehemently warned that we must vacate by 1 o'clock. Is it me, or is a one and a half hour time limit ridiculously short for what should be a leisurely repast? Thanks for your opinions!

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  1. Sounds like it'd be too short for what you're looking for. But, you've also been given the information ahead of time so you can make your choices accordingly. If it's a concern, you should definitely go somewhere else. Personally, I'd tell the restaurant thanks, but that's too short a time frame and please cancel the reservation.

    1. Since the restaurant told you upfront, I have no problem with this. They are in business to make money so turning tables is important. For me, 1.5 hrs would be more than enough time, (especially with a buffet because you are not waiting for your meal to be prepared) because I get antsy after sitting around in a restaurant.

      If something more leisurely is what you want, look for something else.

      1. I'm with the others on this, even if I don't agree with the practise wholeheartedly.

        For a more leisurely brunch, it may be in your best interest to find another place, or at least one which doesn't limit your time.

        1. doesn't seem 'ridiculously short'. Your choice to play by their rules.

          1. i agree with everyone else. it would be one thing if they didn't tell you and then asked you to leave. but they are giving you the information - and you can eat there or not. if it bothers you, choose another place.