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Jan 7, 2009 01:12 PM

O-O-O Oh It's Open

Saw the open sign today and we stopped in at O. It's fabulous. The decor is great, the staff is ever so friendly and professional. Didn't eat today but I'm going back tomorrow for lunch. The menu is quite perfect and the prices are excellent.

David Adjey will be there next week-end checking it out. No reservations but you can phone ahead and get your name on a wait list if necessary. Parking underground.

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  1. Sounds interesting Dianne, would you have contact info for O? I can't find anything online. Thanks :)

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      Sorry I didn't provide more info - here's a bit from Craigslist:

      O" Restaurant is creating a buzz in Marda Loop! We are a new concept in casual dining and are proud to share a menu specially crafted by chef-genius, David Adjey. Everything in this menu celebrates fresh, quality ingredients and this approach is carried through to our bar, wine and staff. If you have a fresh personality and care about delivering quality experiences to guests, come be a part of our well-paid team as a Food Runner, Host, Hostess or Server.

      I'll get the exact address and phone number tomorrow. They didn't have their business cards yet, and aren't advertising until they're open for a bit to train the staff. I'll let you know.

      1. re: DianneYYC

        Don't apologize, I'm just curious and couldn't find anything online. Thanks Dianne :)

      2. re: maplesugar

        Yellow pages listing - address is correct; I assume the phone number is also.

        O Restaurant
        2018 33 Avenue SW

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          Yep it is - just found it on Facebook.
          Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
          Sun: 11:00 am - 12:00 am

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            Thanks I dunno why I didn't find that myself :)

        2. we went for dinner last night - i'm so happy it's good and not expensive, since i live a block away!! being a designer, the decor is not bad, a lot of elements have been done before, but definitely a comfortable space to be in and a hell of a lot better than oj's!!

          the food is a nice twist on pub and comfort food, lots of sandwiches, pasta, pizza. we had the calamari to start, it was good, the sauce for it has a nice kick, the only think was that it was a bit hard, but that's alright since it tasted good. my other half had the parma pizza, we decided we like it better than pulcinella(sp?) - sorry to all you pizza traditionalists out there...the toppings had lots of flavour and the crust is just the right thickness and a little bit crunchy. i had the chicken milanese sandwhich w/salad - the salad was nice and fresh the the sandwich was tasty, the nice part was the breading on the chicken, it tasted and looked like homemade breading.

          they were giving out free desert tasters, i chose the double chocolate cake - it was cake with some sort of mousse around it - quite tasty. they should actually keep the desert that size, it's just enough.

          my only complaint is the 5oz wine pour!!! why, why, why are so many places doing that now (and not putting on the menu). you think the wine is actually reasonably priced for once and then the glass shows up....having said that though, the wine selection is a nice change and their by the bottle prices don't seem too crazy.

          overall our meal was good value for money - it was $74(incl. tax) for our food and two drinks each - that's a nice change for sure!!

          we will be back many, many times.

          the server told us that sunday brunch is in the works as well - i hope they start that soon, it will be nice to have another brunch place that isn't diner breakfast.

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          1. re: pants

            Thanks for the report pants! Sounds like a really interesting place - It'd be nice to get out for a date night that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Your dessert taster reminds me of Jack Astor's and their "ridiculously small pudding" basically 2 oz chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream. I loved those...always thought they were the perfect size :)

            1. re: pants

              Tastes are different. I went for lunch today to check on that Pizza....good, inexpensive, but me, I still prefer Pulcinella's
              The Crab Bisque however, was very good.
              Desserts are small, a very good in house made Chocolate Mousse was $2.00 , which I find an excellent deal. (Picture attached.)

              This company also owns FATS in Kensington, but O is nothing like that Pub.

              I can see that patio facing 33 Avenue being a huge draw in the summer.

              1. re: worldwidestuff

                the patio will be great.

                i've had more bad than good experiences at pulcinella's unfortunately, i loved it there the first couple times, but the last couple times are inexcusable so we've had to take them off our list. It's too bad, i really did like it there a lot once....

              2. re: pants

                They must have changed to a 6 oz pour because they were quite liberal last night. The restaurant was full the entire time we were there with a short wait in the line-up at the door and they gave us a complimentary glass of wine while we were waiting to be seated. Nice room, and lighting, great ambience and friendly staff. The waitress was very helpful and perhaps a bit inexperienced, but her friendly enthusiasm more than made up for it. The food menu looks great and we only sampled some of the appies and drinks. Texas Sushi was very good, as were the Lobster Nacho's (interesting taste and the flavors could stand to be slightly more intense). The wine list looks good although a bit limited - we were told that it is growing very soon. Great, fun place - The Grey Cup! appeared during the evening and it was being displayed on the bar while everyone took their pics with it.
                Altogether a good experience and it looks like they've hardly had a chance to open. I look forward to watching them evolve and get their feet under them - we will definitely return. Thumbs up.

                1. re: topdawg

                  First impressions:

                  Went tonight Adjey was there, paying close attention to one particular table to our left, spending the other half his time in the back of the house. There were a few open tables but for a Tuesday night the place was bustling. Very young serving staff (or maybe I'm just getting old?) who are still a bit green (at one point my 1/3 full bottle of San Pelligrino was whisked away then returned with apologies)... something that'll improve once they've got their feet under them. In terms of the atmosphere and the comparisons to Earls... it's definitely not a quiet/intimate space, more gastropub, no linen, black paper napkins(preferable to the cheap nylon ones imho), tv screens above a prominent bar, elevated long thin fireplace on the far wall.

                  The menu is a rather big step up from Earls I think. Lobster nachos were fantastic! Onion ring were also nice but could have spent about 15 seconds longer in the fryer - they were crispy but not quite as crisp as I'd have liked(being a bit nitpicky mind you). Nice thick cut sweet onions though with good bite. Mains took a bit to arrive but the pacing wasn't overly slow. DH had the 8oz flat iron steak, which came with some seasonal vege and smashed potatoes, cooked to med rare just like he requested. 10/10 in this canivore's opinion. I went for the Swordfish with pineapple salsa, and tempura long beans. A little too much sauce for my liking but otherwise the swordfish was perfectly done...I think it could use a bit more pineapple salsa to add more sweet to balance it out. The tempura long beans were beautiful, they were knotted then lightly breaded and fried... sort of reminded me of Divino's hariot verts. Didn't stick around for dessert since DH had to get up early but their dessert "tree" concept looked interesting. We'll definitely be back :)

              3. For what its worth, my GF and I dropped in to O on Saturday for dinner. The decor struck us as clean and modern, if not a a bit homogeneous with the Earl's & Cactus Club crowd.
                The food was exemplary. We started with Calamari - lightly breaded and cooked to, as near as I could tell, perfection. We also tried the Lobster Nachos - 6 homemade tortilla chips topped with a dollop of marinated lobster, fresh mango salso, a serrano chili and some tarragon. I was skeptical at first but was won over by the combination of lobster and mango that was quickly replaced by the bite of the pepper - our favorite dish, hands-down.
                We shared the Chop Steak Sandwich (burger) that was cooked to order (medium to well-done) and were pleased with the fact that you could readily taste the beef and it wasn't overpowered by the toppings (double-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, butter lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo). The accompanying fries were good but not memorable.
                Our other main was the Prime Rib. Our server warned us that it wasn't traditional prime rib - it was pulled apart and basted in a smkoy BBQ sauce and served almost as "beef-on-bun without the bun". Although the meat was quite juicy and flavorful, we both felt that $20 should get you a bit more than a small bowl (3-inch diameter) of beef. The accompanying honey-baked beans were, again, good but not insiring while the medley of market fresh vegetables appreared to be an overcooked afterthought. I think the jalapeno cornbread was a nice touch but my GF quickly declared it her favorite item on the plate and I got little more than a taste.
                Total for 2 appetizers and 2 mains (before tax) was $58.
                Seeing as it was opening week, much of the blunders in service execution were forgiven - the bar was out of some of the required liquer for their drink menu, the cocktail I ordered (strawberry-rhubarb mojito - twice) was prepared quite differently by two different bartenders, the table beside us had to order different appetizers and half of their mains because the kitchen had run out (by 7:00 at night), waitstaff were tripping over each other and surprised when someone else took it upon themselves to refresh our drink or wisk away our credit card and the hostess couldn't explain why several tables were reserved when they have a stated "No Reservations" policy.
                My GF summed it up best stating that O was "essentially Cactus Club with more creative food". I couldn't agree more and will be back to check if they have the kinks worked out of their service.

                1. looks like adjey was hired as a consultant to design the menu, which shows a lack of creativity on the part of the owners and/or 'cook.'

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                  1. re: nonlinear

                    that website is disappointing - too packaged up.

                    1. re: pants

                      i agree, and can't say i'll go out of my way to try this place.

                  2. David Adjey is cooking at O restaurant in Calgary, Jan 19,20&21.

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                      i suspect that adjey will be working out the menu kinks as his name on the line with this. think they are planning on playing around with some of the interior and putting more mojo into new building etc.. will try again soon. i love the lively atmosphere though and food made from scratch.