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Jan 7, 2009 01:12 PM

favourite summer foods from childhood

hello everyone, its summer down here in Australia and i'm indulging in lots of ice-cream and fresh mangos and watermelon. and since its so cold in the u.s at the moment i thought everyone might need some reminding of warmer times- so i am wondering what are suome of your favourite summer foods from childhood-

i have lots of memories of going to the beach with my school where i grew up (the school was lucky enough to be directly opposite the beach) we would have a big sausage sizzle everyone would line up for there sausege in sliced white bread with tomato sauce.

lots of ice-cream memories, wendys in the mall i would always get a cone with rainbow sprinkles or a cone with a lollie face and a flake. when we where at a normal ice-cream parlour my choice was simple rainbow in a waffle cone. and lastly my family would go in to the city (Melbourne) to a suburb called Carlton it has a really strong italian culture for the best gelato in the world my favoorite was cofee and lemon and my brothers would always let me have a lick of there baci yum!

i'm still only seventeen so childhood wasn't that long ago i'm having a delicious summer breakfast right now of fresh banna smoothie and a banna slpit (a little decadent but i'm still growing and evryone complains i look under-nourished) the split is complete with ice-cream cream nuts and choclate sauce and rainbow sprinkles! - i'm very interested to hear about evryone elses memories and childhood summer delights!

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  1. Corn on the cob defined late summer to me. I grew up in corn country, so the idea of eating corn on the cob out of season was blasphemy.

    1. I grew up in Pennsylvania and completely agree about the fresh from the garden corn on the cob.

      Twin Kiss -- frozen (one stripe chocolate, one stripe vanilla) custard in a waffle cone

      1. actually, you're kind of just rubbing it in, umbushi! ;) it's soooo cold here that even thinking about cold watermelon makes me colder!

        i do think it is impossible to beat cold watermelon on a hot day. it's the most perfect food found in nature, possibly. i also love juicy tomatoes eaten like fruit; tomato, cucumber and turnip slices with salt; caprese salad made with perfect tomatoes and basil; those good humor ice cream bars with cakey crumbs on the outside (neither of us can have those anymore, sadly); something called "green bean soup" made by boiling green mung beans in water until soft, and adding sugar. it's served chilled, sometimes with shaved ice. i'd have a bowl of it as a meal, sometimes. love that stuff.

        since you're on the malnourished end of the scale, though: strawberries and real cream with sugar is a good one. ;)

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          My favorite summer food was a sandwich, white bread, mayo, thick slabs of super ripe tomato sprinkled with salt....still eat them in the summer when the tomatoes are in season.

          1. re: bubbles4me

            oh yes.. those are truly beautiful. probably my favorite sandwich of all time.

            1. re: cimui

              Lemon ice/Italian ice! Vecchitto's in my hometown (Middletown, CT) makes the best ice in the world and used to have trucks drive it right into my neighborhood at night--just like Good Humor.

              Another yummy taste of summer: my grandmother's rhubarb crisp and her potato salad!

              1. re: kattyeyes

                ah, what a nice memory! there's nothing like the sauce of summer and a warm night and a full day of playing tag, in my case, to make everything frozen and sugary taste 100x better than usual. :)

            2. re: bubbles4me

              I loved tomato sandwiches as a kid! Gotta be a good tomato, though, and soft white bread.

              Mom would usually put sliced boiled egg on her sandwich. Not my favorite.

          2. I grew up right near Revere beach (Boston), and still love the smell (yes REVERE BEACH), of the hot summer days and nights there. ;)

            Anna's pizza had the best slices and we would sit on the wall across the street and eat supper.

            Digging for clams was legal then, and we did tons at low tide. On the ride home, we always stopped at Richie's Slush......lemon, yum!

            At home, it was fresh corn on the cob, sliced beefsteak tomatoes, potato salad and hot dogs.

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            1. re: mcel215

              OMGoodness.... are you a long lost relative?
              Digging for clams - Point of Pines... Rice Ave.
              Kelly's lobster roll...
              The porch at the Paul Roger House right next door....
              Richie's slush... Mountain Ave., right?
              Tomatoes from the garden...
              Corn on the cob,
              Steamed lobster, steamed clams and a cold beer...
              Dinner outside on the terrace after a day at The Beach.
              Those really were the days. NIce memories.

              1. re: Gio

                I grew up in Chelsea.... close, but no cigar, lol!
                Katz's bagels, Friday nights..
                Kelly's roast beef, it was years before I tried lobster
                Richie's Slush, don't remember the name of the street, but the lemon slush was devine.
                Yes, Gio very nice memories.... too. The folks didn't let me have the cold beer tho!

            2. fresh picked corn on the cob that we got from the local farm stand and that my mom then sent us kids out to the back porch with a old grocery bags to shuck for her

              grilled swordfish

              anything fresh picked from our garden

              pretty much my favorite summer foods now, plus a cold gin & tonic with lime, all eaten outside of course