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Jan 7, 2009 12:57 PM

Fort Lauderdale Brunch

I have lived in Fort Lauderdale for many years and have never found a good place for brunch. Now I've made plans for this Sunday to meet friends for brunch and I have no idea where to go! Help me please!

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  1. If you're looking for a true brunch (buffet)-not breakfast, then I believe River House and Blue Moon have dibs. Trina has a very good breakfast, and of couse there's the lovely beachfront setting to go with it.

      1. You can try the Ritz Carlton on Fort Lauderdale beach -- they used to have an awesome brunch there when it was the St. Regis for $65 / person with all you can drink champagne, and a HUGE amount of selections -- now that its changed names they have toned it down a bit (cheaper, less selections) but its still very good. Great views, food, service, etc.

        1. Marriott Harbour Beach has a great brunch

          Also have to agree that Riverhouse and Himmarshee are really good too, and I'm saying that becasue I have friends that work at Himmarshee's erither ;)

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            Do you know how much the Marriott brunch is? It's not listed on the website. Also, I was under the impression that The River House closed and is only open for special occasions.

            The Ritz Carlton still does brunch but it is a la carte now, not buffet. It's defnitely an option.

            I also heard that La Bonne Crepe on Las Olas does breakfast. Anyone been?

            1. re: tlubow

              La Bonne Crepe is very nice for brunch (crepes, omelets, etc.) Just be aware that they stop serving breakfast at noon (or maybe 1:00 on Sundays). You should call to make sure.

              1. re: tlubow

                Can not remember the cost at Marriott, have family that works there and they are not answering their phone.

                Again not sure about the River House, it has been a while since I have been there, however coming home next month for a visit ...Can't WAIT!