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Jan 7, 2009 12:24 PM

Best burger in Berkeley?

I'd be curious what you all think. Pretty obvious where to find good pizza in Berkeley, but not so clear where to enjoy red-meat bliss.

I can only think of only one place I've had a really good burger: T-Rex (both versions). The new Meridian Sports Cafe on University has a decent one, as does Barney's on Shattuck.

Is there anywhere you'd recommend?

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  1. I liked Rocky's for a good burger and good fries.

    Rocky's Hamburgers & Cheese Steaks
    2929 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA

    1. I had a good burger at Triple Rock a few months back. Don't remember much but it was $7 bucks for a 1/2lb'er and cooked to order properly -- med-rare.

      I prefer Barney's because it's a "go to" place for me but this was good and I could see how others could favor TR's burger. If volume is part of the red meat bliss, this would be an edge. If I recall, it did seem like a lot of food.

      It wasn't my choice to go to TR but I'd order it again. For $7 bucks it's worth a try.

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        2nd Triple Rock. Mesa Burger and a red ale.

      2. Bistro Liason and 900 Grayson both make a damned fine burger.

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          Great burger at 900 Grayson. But I still almost always end up ordering the demon lover (chicken and waffles).

          900 Grayson
          900 Grayson St, Berkeley, CA 94710

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            I always eat at Grayson. YOu have to ask them to pat dry the bacon if you dont want lots of grease but its very good (expensive). I stumbled upon Cafe Leila Sunday for lunch (usually I eat breakfast there because they know how to make soft eggs). The hambuger was really great., inexpensive and large. It came with fries and salad as well. BTW ask for crunchy fires as they undercook them. They also have lamb burgers. I tried my friends and think the hambuger bettter but it was tasty. I dont know how they are during the week as I find there weekend food better (maybe a different cook).

        2. Rocky's is pretty solid, yes.

          Oscar's at Shattuck and Hearst also nice...flame broiled in front of you, and the French Roll option also helpful.

          Spenger's has a decent one for happy hour.

          Overall, Oscar's for me.

          1. I haven't had a burger in Berkeley in many years, but I used to really like the ones at Fatapple's -- nice char taste. Only had a Barney's burger once, and thought it was terrible.

            Have not tried it myself, but the Cafe Rouge burger seems to get high marks in other eastbay burger threads.