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Jan 7, 2009 11:59 AM

Vail - Mid-Range Eats (price) - High End Yummy!

Hi All:
My husband and I are doing vail on a budget ---- but want at least one very nice dinner and then need suggestions for two mid-range dinners in Vail....
can people suggest great places to dine?

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  1. Price range definitions vary for all, can you give us some numbers?

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    1. re: RobynS

      I would like some high end - 20's-30's an entree
      and some "classic" vail places that may be cheaper for dinner....

      1. re: mgpresent

        Hmmm, I'll have to think a bit harder with those limits. 20-30 isn't going to get you into the upper end in Vail at most places but maybe if you do a bar menu? Garfinkel's, Bart & Yeti's and The Red Lion are all pub style places where you can get an okay meal but it's definitely not fantastic food.

        1. re: RobynS

          Robyn, I think they are talking about $20 t0 $30 per main course which means most places are open to them. The pub style places you mentioned at fine for beverages and bar food, only.

          MG, check the previous posts over the last year and they still apply. Are you thinking of the Town of Vail or the entire Valley?

          1. re: BlueOx

            We are staying in the CASCADE we could go into the village for sure...
            how can I see previous posts?

            1. re: mgpresent

              You can go from anywhere to anywhere in the Vail Valley by day and into the evening with or without a car, as long as you are willing to hop a bus.

              At the Vail Cascade Lodge & Spa, the former Chap's Chophouse has been reinvented as the Atwater Grill, which I've not been to. Most entrees are under $30, but Atwater employs the steakhouse syndrome of charging $6 for each side dish. I'd probably opt for a salad or soup and an appetizer as an entree to keep from getting stuffed and bending the budget. Then, I'd have room for dessert too. The Fireside Bar also has a bar menu that might be an option w/out going even as far as the bus stop.

              1. re: mgpresent

                MG, here's a recent thread on the Valleys cheaper eats:

                The Cascade van stays in Vail, ECO is the county bus and wait times can get painful in cold weather. The Vail/Beaver Creek bus is $5 each one way.

                My take, the best dining places in the Valley are:
                Larkspur - Vail
                Sweet Basil - Vail (like lunch more than dinner
                )Avondale - Avon Westin
                Dish - Edwards
                Juniper- Edwards
                Splendio - Beaver Creek
                Grouse Mountain - Beaver Creek