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Jan 7, 2009 11:44 AM

Brunch reccs in Nyack?

Would love the names of any places with great food where there isn't likely to be too long a wait. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I cant' speak for how long of a wait....but there are a few places...Hudson House is nice. Also Reality Bites. Some people seem to like La Fontana, but I haven't been in many years and when I went (about 4 years ago) I wasn't impressed.
    If you are willing to travel a little out of Nyack, you should try Restaurant X in Congers on 303.

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      Sad brunch at Lu Shanes in Nyack
      I wanted to give my dad and stepmom a nice brunch out for a pre-holiday get-together. She's a super cook, but they've been busy with visitors, surgery, etc. and I said let's go out for a change. She poked about a picked LuShanes in Nyack, not far from where they live, with an 11:30am reservation.

      The place was empty, so it was just the four of us. This should not stress out the wait staf nor the kitchen. But it was a bumbled experience... waitress, although agreeable, tended to get stuck in the back of the place and couldn't see what was up with us in the front of the place (by the very nice big windows, a plus on a cold winter day). We decide to order the brunch special ($31, with two courses and beverage, which seems a bit steep! So, out comes the fruit compote (fruit arranged on a plate, mostly pleasant berries and pineapple, except the unripe pear and melon). Crepes with fruit were rubbery/egg-y (we like lighter crepes), Potato pancakes with very ordinary gravlax were ok. Then, things went spiraling down... STILL we are the only people in the place, but the kitchen does the following:

      1. Reuben Wrap - had chunks of ordinary beef steak, not corned beef. We complained and she brought out a replacement omelette, which was fine.
      2. Eggs LuShane - poached eggs overcooked so the yolks didn't run
      3. Two omelettes with the ingredients for each (cheddar/spinach/bacon, and cheddar/bacon/onions) screwed up so one's cheddar and bacon and the other's got those and spinach and onions.

      All this was delivered on cold glass plates that sucked the heat out of the food. Coffee was similarly warm, not hot.

      Waitress was wise enough to deduct the cost of one meal from our tab, but it was not the happy brunch, a relief from the kitchen, that I'd hoped for. By the time we'd left, there were two other four-tops in the place... hope things got better for them.

      Not going back there!