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Jan 7, 2009 11:38 AM

Boston Hound in Metrowest: Stop the Chain Restaurant Madness

I'm a Boston hound who regularly eats out. My tastes are wide and varied and include a love for foie gras as much as I love a good greasy cheeseburger. I love real tapas, real Mexican, all Asian cuisines...Silvertone, Gargoyles, Eastern Standard, Toro, Stella, Franklin...these are some of my faves.

However. My regular DC/boyfriend lives in MetroWest. So, now on our suburban date nights I'm frequently searching for places in the Marlb/Hudson/Framingham areas. And by 'places', I don't mean fast food on Rte. 9 or the local pizza house.

So far, so good with Romaines (Northborough), Harvest Cafe (Hudson), Yama Zakura (Northborough), Mi Ranchito (Marlborough)...but does anyone else have any suggestions?

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  1. few more:
    Marlborough: Kennedys is good pub food, seafood, etc..
    Linguinis for red sauce italian, pizza,
    There is a decent thai place main st, downtown on the end of the row, forget the name..
    Some like fireflys bbq- not my favorite.
    Northborough: Yoong Tong thai is good (rt20)
    Willys steakhouse/sushi
    Hudson: horseshoe pub for pub food and incredible beer selection
    Framingham: Sichuan gourmet is always excellent, uncle cheungs northern dimsum on weekends.

    1. Tomasso in Southboro ain't bad.

      1. Stone's Public House, TJ's good burgers ib Aslhand, Krok Kum Ya decent Thai, Uncle Cheungs, Chicken Bone for good wings. Lot's of Brazilian none outstanding.

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          I have been to Krok Kum Ya several times. Nice folks, really tried to like it, but it is pretty bad Thai, Americanized in the worst way.
          I will echo the Sichuan Gourmet raves. I'll also throw in Firefly's for decent although not outstanding BBQ-- they do have an amazing BBQ Buffet brunch on Sundays. Wildwood Steakhouse in Marlborough is an old school steak place, not bad. Oga's in Natick for Japanese.

        2. Already mentioned, but worth reiterating Sichuan Gourment in Framingham for some of the best (or maybe the best) szechuan cooking in the Boston area.

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          1. There are outposts of both Oishii and Fugakyu in Sudbury -
            I see no real difference between the Chestnut Hill Oishii and have driven there to find little to no wait there, with the same menu on several occasions.