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Jan 7, 2009 11:12 AM

Restaurant Week for a big group

My birthday happens to fall a weekday after RW. So I'm looking for the best French/American/ or Japanese RW choice for a group of around 15-20 Twentysomethings. Alternatively suggestions for Mid-range (15-30/main) would be appreciated as well. My top choice is Modern Bar Room but I doubt I'll be able to get a table for 15 on the 30th.

I was also looking for a place that had the option of Fugu (Non-RW) but looks like those places are little out of the price range of some of my guests.

Location: Pref soho and above and below Central Park

Some of my possible choices so far consist of
Megu, Bond St, Lure, Blue Water Grill, Town, Modern, Japonais

Alternatively Non RW Choices for 1/31
Koi, Haru

Thanks In Advance!

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  1. I'd skip Haru, not worth wasting a RW on it.

    1. chinatown brasserie-it's not japanese but it could handle a group of your size and the food is good

      1. Don't do Japanois. Here's my review from last year:

        I've only been to Lure, The Modern - Bar Room, and Japanois, and out of those the Bar Room wins, hands down. Even NOT during RW. But a table for 15 seems impossible. I'm not sure how they would do that given the layout.

        1. Blue Water Grill can accommodate a group your size.

          For 1/31, you might want to consider Fleur de Sel, which offers a 3-course lunch prix-fixe for $29 all year round, including weekends. Even though the space is small, I've seen them accommodate a group as large as yours.