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Jan 7, 2009 10:45 AM

Quiet wonderful Seattle Restaurant

My mother and I will be visiting Seattle in a week or so. We are both lovers of good food and wine and eat everything. My mother is very hard of hearing and wears hearing aids. Because of this we need to find a restaurant that is a quiet room but one without food to fall asleep to. I want to find a fantastic restaurant that is quiet, doesn't have a lot of ambient noise or blast music during dinner hour.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Elena from Vancouver

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  1. Nell's at Greenlake gets high marks from folks and has a very quiet dining room. Too quiet for my big mouth!

      1. What about Place Pigalle at PIke Place? The food's good and interesting, the view can't be beat and it's small and pretty quiet as I remember. Quiet, sadly, is a tough one.

        1. Eva's in Green Lake has wonderful food and a quiet atmosphere. Also recommend Place Pigalle and Chez Shea at Pike's Place Market. (The latter is very small, beautiful but a bit on the romantic side.)

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            Eva was my first thought (the dining room more so than the lounge), but Nell's, Pigalle and Chez Shea are all great. Stumbling Goat on Phinney Ridge is also wonderful, and I don't remember it being loud.

            1. re: Freida

              Stumbling Goat came to mind for me as well!

              1. re: maybelle

                Campagne is very peaceful. Ettas doesn't seem loud if I recall correctly.

                Avoid Zoe, Palace Kitchen and Quinns.

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                  Rover's has excellent food, and its atmosphere is almost too quiet.

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                    have to give another vote for stumbling goat. they also have a back little bar that has an upholstered ceiling (i think they call it the "lounge" or something), always been very quiet, easy to have a conversation back there. you may want to check, certain nights they have live music (a guy with an acoustic guitar) and you may want to stay away on those nights. FWIW, winter is my favorite time of year for SG, since they do so many wonderful heavier /comfort food dishes. great wine list as well.

              2. You want to avoid Tavolata... It's a hard of hearing persons/hearing aid nightmare.