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Jan 7, 2009 10:37 AM

DineLA Restaurant Week 2009

Recently there has been a decline in the quality of offerings/selection and a jacking up of the prices. But it seems that there were at least some good options amoungst the total rip-offs. Have people totally given up on Restaurant Week?

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  1. prices have definitely gone up! but I have reservations at Gordon Ramsay's and Valentinos. Hope it's worth it.

    1. Recently blogged about this; overall the selection didn't look any better or worse than last year, though I did notice some restaurants are doing a repeat of the recent OpenTable Appetite Stimulus Plan dinners.

      Prices did go up considerably and it went from a 2-tier to a 3-tier system; instead of 2007's $15/25 lunch and $22/34 dinner; it's now $16/22/28 for lunch and $26/34/44 for dinner. Of course, most of the better-reputed places are on the $28/44 end.

      Nonetheless, the selection have quite a few gems that I want to try: Akasha, Angeli Caffe, Water Grill and the Bazaar. Got rezzies for 2 of the 4 so far.


      1. There are definitely some great places I want to try on this year's list. Grace even has their special restaurant week menu on their website (I wish more places would list exactly what they'll offer):

        1. Prices have definitely increased, but whether or not it is worth it varies from restaurant to restaurant. For example, I did a quick calculation of Akasha's lunch pre fixe special ($22) on my blog and concluded that it was probably worth the $22, as you come away with essentially dessert on the house. That's one I'd definitely like to try, but the fact that it serves lunch only Monday-Friday will make it difficult. Darn.


          1. I must repeat the original question too... is Dine LA a thing of the past. I do think the increased prices as well as the newly introduced 3-tier pricings are a bit of a turn off - a bit pretentious especially in this economy. Another turn off is after looking at the menu (a good half haven't posted their offerings), I thought many did short cuts.

            Nevertheless... there are more restaurants participating. My coworkers and friends are normally excited over DineLA - but not a lot of noise this year. Is it solely because of the economy?

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              I think the 3 tier price really hurt this year. What's especially annoying is that many have the exact same menu at lunch as they do at dinner, EXCEPT that there is a $10 price increase at dinner.

              1. re: MariaFeliz

                any thoughts on Grace for the dineLA? i have never eaten there. can someone tell me if im wasting my time with thier dine LA offereing and should just go there and order off the menu instead of the dine LA special?

                1. re: samtron608

                  If it's anything like my DineLA there last year, Grace will offer a lot of extra choices available for an additional supplement -- all that upselling felt gimmicky even it's not ilke they cheated you -- they still offered the "basic options" for those who can stick to their guns and can resist the better-sounding upgrades.

                  If you were going to dine at Grace anyways, just keep an open mind; you don't have to choose between DineLA / regular (or DineLA-plus) menus until you have a chance to review all of them upon seating.

                  my '08 DineLA at Grace here:

                  1. re: AquaW

                    It's also disappointing to see how some restaurants are serving the same menu for lunch AND dinner but yet the prices increase about $22. Might as well order something off the regular menu that you really want instead.

                    1. re: mermy

                      So far my one experience has been good. Prices might be higher but there are a lot more choices of where to go. Reports from all over indiciate very different experiences depending on where you go.


                      I've got three lunches scheduled next week, will be sure to report back