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Jan 7, 2009 10:37 AM

Sunday lunch (brunch?) in Canton/Fells Pt Baltimore

Hello Chowhounds,

I'm looking for recommendations for a group of 10 to enjoy a 1pm Sunday lunch in the Canton/Fells Pt/Harbor East area of Baltimore. Casual place, food doesn't have to be exceptional, but better-than-average, as we're celebrating a birthday. The birthday person would prefer lunch options over breakfast fare. Enough room not to feel crowded into a nook. We looked at Red Star (brunch menu is too limited) and someone suggested Miss Irene's (but I'm unclear about brunch availability and price). I feel like I'm forgetting somewhere obvious. Two of the party of ten do not eat mammals.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Little Havana is an option you should look into. You need a reservation though.

    1. Yellow Dog ( is a good spot that serves brunch

      Yellow Dog Tavern
      700 S Potomac St, Baltimore, MD 21224

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      1. re: davestar

        Thanks for the suggestion. Do you think that a party of 10 could fit comfortably in Yellow Dog? I couldn't find any photos of the dining room on their site.

        1. re: TKinBaltimore

          Yellow Dog has a big open upstairs DR with space for about 40 and is a good bet.

      2. If you're into ethnic, you might try the Indian lunch buffet at Mehek in Fell's Point. Good for the vegetarians, too. :)

        1. helen's garden should be able to accomodate a group that size and has a good brunch with plenty of options!

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          1. re: igrowveggies

            Thank you for that suggestion, but their brunch menu looks like it skews *very* breakfast. It looks like an interesting place that I haven't yet been, though, so thanks for putting it my radar for another time :-)

          2. Gia,'s in Lil Italy is a great lunch option..