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Jan 7, 2009 10:32 AM

Boston CHer heading to SF -- looking for some specifics

Heading to SF later this month and will be staying at a hotel in the Pacific Heights neighborhood. Have done the Ferry Building in the past. (Fabulous!) But am looking for steller foodie destinations. Any well stocked cheese shops within walking distance? A friend wants good fried clams, so we'll be looking for that too. Suggestions for true chowish eats that represent your city would be so appreciated.

And any feedback on these ideas? Yes? No?

for seafood:

Vietnamese style roasted dungeness crab at Slanted Door (Since I've been to the Slanted Door, I am definitely open to other Dungeness Crab ideas of any kind.


for the sweet tooth in the group:


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  1. Sorry! I just saw a very similar post below mine, which answered some of my very questions.

    1. In case this one was unanswered, how far is a Boston walking distance?

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        When I attended school in Boston the rule of thumb I used was 10 minutes max for walking (not including the T).

        I'm not too fond of Slanted Door in general, but I haven't had their Dungeness so I can't say.

        But I can endorse Perbacco. Their Tajarin is one of the best pastas I've had in San Francisco. It consists of hand cut tagliatelle, a 5 hour pork sugo, and porcini mushrooms.

      2. Good luck with the fried clams. If you find some please let us know. I am from the Ipswich/Newburyport/Boston area originally and have yet to find anything even close. Every time I go back for a visit, I gorge myself so I would love to find some here.

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          North Beach Lobster Shack in North Beach has fried Ipswich clams and lobster rolls. The owner is from Maine and was a seafood buyer there. For the OP, Woodhouse Fish might be a better choice. They also have the fried clams, but the also carry California seafood such as crab.

          No cheeseshops in walking distance of that nabe.