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Jan 7, 2009 10:25 AM

Wanted: Barn for wedding reception in East Texas! Any ideas?!?!?

I am looking for an unusual reception site for our fall wedding and I am very interested in using a barn for this event. Does anyone know of a barn or barn-like building that would allow us to book it for our reception??? We are located in East Texas around Lake Fork... 80 miles East of Dallas and 45 miles north of Tyler.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!


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  1. I am looking for the same thing! Did you ever find anything?

    1. I'm looking for the same thing as well! Have either of you found one?

      1. Elmwood Gardens, about 12 miles north of Palestine, TX, has a large barn like building that is used for receptions. Check out the web page at

        They do bread & breakfast as well. I know the family that operates it -- we're sort of neighbors a couple of miles away -- and they are good people. Lots of weddings & receptions there.

        I hope it is a beautiful wedding.